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  • omron12.10.jpg

    OMRON launches new PCB inspection system


    OMRON announces its new inspection system, the VT-S10 Series, which uses imaging technology and AI to automate high-precision processes for PCB sub-assemblies, apparently eliminating the need for specialist operator skills.

  • exxonmobil08.10.jpg

    New series of PE grades from ExxonMobil


    ExxonMobil has developed a new series of Exceed XP performance polyethylene (PE) grades, which it says will deliver “never seen before” levels of performance for stretch hood, primary packaging, collation shrink, and greenhouse films.

  • flexfilms05.10.jpg

    Aluminium foil replacement developed for flexible packaging applications


    Flex Films, the film manufacturing arm of flexible packaging group UFlex, unveils its new patented BOPET high barrier film, F-UHB-M, which it says is designed to replace aluminium foil in flexible packaging applications.

  • sorting_protocol04.10.jpg

    RecyClass publishes sorting protocol for plastic packaging


    RecyClass has unveiled its ‘Sorting Evaluation Protocol for Plastic Packaging’, which is geared towards companies that would like to analyse the recyclability and traceability of packaging innovations.

  • tna-robag_LI.jpg

    New VFFS packaging system from tna offers ‘advanced’ performance


    Food and packaging solutions specialists tna unveils the newest addition to its flagship vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system: tna robag 3e, which it says can deliver up to 250 bags per minute with wastage as low as 0.1%.

  • CANVASairless29.09.jpg

    New ‘shape your own’ customisation solution for airless products


    Beauty packaging manufacturer Quadpack announces new airless product portfolio, CANVAS Airless, which it says allows custom shapes with minimum lead time and reduced investment, while using 15% less plastic.

  • sabic2409211.jpg

    Finalist interview: BOPE


    In the latest of our finalist interviews for our Sustainability Awards 2021, we learn about Syntegon Packaging Solutions B.V. and SABIC’s BOPE solution for frozen food.

  • fasfiljr.jpg

    Sealed Air launches paper void fill system for medium output e-commerce


    Sealed Air unveils its new brand, FasFil Jr, a paper void fill system that it says will help e-commerce companies to meet the challenges of “efficiently and effectively” scaling up from low to medium volume packaging outputs.

  • maximuspalletizer22.09.jpg

    BW Integrated Systems introduces Maximus Mid-Speed Case Palletizer


    Packaging solutions provider BW Integrated Systems has announced the Maximus Mid-Speed Case Palletizer, which it says meets the increased market demand for a flexible, high-level palletizer with a compact footprint.

  • Accraply16.09.jpg

    Accraply unveils new line of shrink sleeve seamers


    Labelling equipment manufacturer Accraply will introduce its Accraply Revolve line of modular shrink sleeve seamers, configurated with the aim of making shrink sleeve seaming simpler and more efficient, at Label Congress 2021.

  • waste4future

    Podcast: Waste4Future - a lighthouse project for plastics efficiency


    Seven Fraunhofer Institutes have recently announced that they are pooling their expertise in the lighthouse project “Waste4Future”, which aims to increase energy and resource efficiency in the use of plastics. Elisabeth Skoda talks to professor Peter Michel, who is Head of the Polymer Applications Business Unit at Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS, to find out more.

  • piovan0609211.jpg

    Finalist Interview: Inspecta BE from Piovan


    In the most recent of our Sustainability Awards 2021 finalist interviews, Davide Cappellini, CTO at Piovan Group explains the company’s entry Inspecta Be, a finalist in the Machinery category, which helps to simplify the control of Benzene values.

  • dssmith-12.08.jpg

    DS Smith invests in robot workforce at UK’s largest paper mill


    With the aim of increasing sustainability and efficiency, DS Smith has replaced forklifts at one of its plants in the UK with automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

  • sp060821.jpg

    SP Scientific presents boxes that fit items they carry


    SP Scientific Products (SP) has announced a new approach to product packaging with its new task-specific packaging that the company says is designed to enhance productivity, alleviate labour costs, and reduce environmental impact.

  • MicrosoftTeams-image (6).png

    Sustainability Perspectives: Spotlight on sorting and recycling


    Sorting and recycling plays a key role on the path towards sustainability and circularity. Mithu Mohren, SVP, Marketing & Communications, Circular Economy at Tomra, discusses what goes into creating a holistic waste management system and closing the loop, the importance of global collaboration as well as the optimisation and digitalisation of waste management.

  • pragmatic_sort_it_pr_image.jpg

    PragmatIC Semiconductor leads project to increase the value of plastic waste


    Flexible electronics developer PragmatIC Semiconductor has announced it is working on an Innovate UK, Manufacturing Made Smarter project to increase the quality of plastic recyclate.

  • syntegon-ampack-lfs0408.jpg

    Syntegon presents "next generation" filling machine


    The portfolio of cup filling and sealing machines from Syntegon subsidiaries Ampack GmbH, Germany, and Osgood Industries, LLC, USA has been extended with the new LFS filling machine for the dairy and food industry.

  • 601419d_Mockup_GroupShot.png

    Finalist Interview: PAC Packaging Consortium PIP360


    In the latest of our Sustainability Awards finalists interview series, we find out about the PIP360° tool, an online benchmarking tool and database that can help with package innovation, and streamline processes to improve packaging circularity.

  • hellofresh270721.jpg

    Finalist interview: HelloFresh


    In the latest of our Sustainability Awards finalists interview series, we find out about HelloFresh’s Dynamic Packaging Configurator, which allows to predict packaging consumption autonomously through a machine learning classifier.

  • gruenerpunkt200721.jpg

    German waste management giants announce joint venture


    German EEW Energy from Waste GmbH (EEW) and DSD - Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG have announced plans to jointly develop a a procedure for processing mixed plastics and other residues from consumer packaging waste.