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  • festival

    The Brief: Our guide to sustainable packaging at events


    Summer has arrived! And to many people, that means attending festivals, sports events, and concerts. In this edition of the Brief, we look at packaging reuse and recycling in this context – what infrastructure is available, how widespread are deposit return schemes, and how do sorting systems work?

  • 9040_burgerkingloop26.04_67443

    The Brief: Reuse vs. single use – which is better for the environment?


    What has a lower environmental impact – single-use packaging, or reusable alternatives? In this edition of The Brief, we take a look at the Nordic Co-operation’s in-depth investigation into disposable versus washable food and e-commerce packaging, before extending our query into the healthcare sector.

  • mining

    How to keep ‘conflict minerals’ out of packaging


    Many of us couldn’t say where the metals used to make our mobile phones came from, let alone our packaging. But when their consumption could be funding conflict overseas, how do we ensure we responsibly source our minerals? In this edition of The Brief, we uncover the realities of mining ‘conflict minerals’, the rules in place to prevent exploitation, and how packaging companies have responded.

  • shutterstock_1280723917

    The Brief: re-branding in packaging


    In this edition of The Brief, we look at re-branding in packaging: why and when companies choose to re-brand, the aims of re-branding, and how it can impact the consumer.

  • fast-fashion

    The Brief: How bad is ‘greenwashing’ in fast fashion packaging?


    Fast fashion often comes under fire for promoting the overconsumption of clothing, but where does its packaging come in? What are big brands doing to overcome packaging waste, how reliable are their claims, and what can we expect in the future? We cover it all in this edition of The Brief.  

  • drs

    The Brief: Everything you need to know about deposit return schemes


    Deposit return schemes are taking off in Europe and beyond, and it appears they will continue to do so as they are cemented into international packaging legislation. In this edition of the Brief, we recap how the systems function, where they are or aren’t working, and what the industry and consumers alike have to say about them.

  • 10705_coronabarleystrawpackaging_43127

    The Brief: is the use of straw and grain in packaging a scalable option?


    In the last few years, more companies have been producing packaging made from crop waste, such as sugarcane bagasse, molasses, straw and grains. In this edition of The Brief, we will take a closer look at straw and grain packaging and whether it is a scalable option.

  • oxo

    Oxo-(bio)degradables: the who, what, and why of breaking down fossil-based plastics


    The legal battle surrounding ‘oxo-degradable plastics’ has extended as far as the European General Court, which recently doubled down on its decision to ban such materials on the EU market. But what are they and why are they so controversial? In this edition of the Brief, we dig deeper into their turbulent history and the claims made on both sides of the fence.

  • pe_seaweed_farming_594663-(1)

    The Brief: Getting to grips with seaweed in packaging


    In the latest edition of the Brief, we cover everything we know about seaweed-based packaging so far – how it works, where its sustainability claims come from, what designs are currently on the market, and the developments to look out for in the future.

  • petbottlescolouredshutterstock_136463

    The Brief: How viable is biorecycling for plastics?


    In this edition of The Brief, we will outline the current research and developments happening around the biorecycling of plastics, look at the challenges involved (such as whether it can be implemented at scale), and ask if its place in recycling could be seen as an addition or an alternative to current methods.

  • pe_pellets2_582595

    The Brief: Chemical versus mechanical recycling: an ongoing debate


    In this edition of The Brief, we revisit the plentiful discussions held around chemical recycling and look for common ground upon which key players across the packaging industry can build towards a more sustainable recycling chain.

  • PE_Plastic_Pack

    The Brief: Where is the packaging industry at when it comes to recycling flexible plastics?


    Flexible plastics are commonly utilized in packaging across industrial sectors, but they are notoriously difficult to recycle. This edition of the Brief looks back on the progress made in the pursuit of recyclability in recent months and weighs up the remaining challenges faced by manufacturers and recyclers alike.

  • oceanboundplastic_24418

    The Brief: Using ocean-bound plastic in packaging – how, why and should we?


    In this edition of The Brief, we will be looking at how ocean-bound plastic is being used in packaging, the arguments surrounding its use (particularly in food packaging), and future plans and strategies to tackle it.

  • One of Plastic Bank's Ocean Stewards collecting plastic on the beach.

    The Brief: Sustainable innovations in ‘on the go’ food and beverage packaging


    Changing regulations and increased consumer demand have heightened the need for companies and manufacturers to develop more sustainable options for food and drink packaging. Many ‘on the go’ items have been created with convenience in mind but are not always the most sustainable. According to a 2022 ...