Rigid Packaging

Featured Stories

  • Terminally sterilized plastic bottles aim to lower weight and carbon of glass

  • Redesigned, recyclable plastic buckets implemented for ITW’s wet wipe range

  • McDonald’s franchisee adopts biobased barrier coating for fast food packs

  • Fibre-based medical packaging targeted in Bayer and PAPACKS partnership

  • Aptar Beauty introduces ‘first-to-market’ fragrance pump with recycled resin

  • L’Occitane en Provence to sell shower oil in rPET bottles recycled by enzymes

  • APR programme expands to verify new packaging and components for recycling

  • Faerch opens processing plant to recycle 60,000 tonnes of rigid food packaging

  • The three 3RS of RFID Tags: Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse for a sustainable future

  • Foopak Bio Natura: APP Group’s bio paperboard for F&B packaging - where innovation meets environmental responsibility

  • Digital product passports: the future of brand protection

  • Invercote Touch: elevating packaging experiences with a natural look and feel

  • Common goals

  • Retort pouch development by Prepack Thailand, Sun Chemical and Comexi

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