Webinar: Solutions for adaptable PET packaging production in the evolving European market

To compete in today’s evolving European market producers must adopt manufacturing solutions that can meet the diverse regional needs of evolving consumer, economic and social demographics.


Webinar: The power of aluminium in flexible packaging

Learn about the 360degree cycle to make tomorrow’s circular economy a reality today


Webinar: Top trends and emerging technologies in preform-based PET packaging

How to maximize production, efficiency, and competitiveness in the coming decade


Webinar: Watermarks for Plastics Recycling: Accelerate from Planning to Action

Experts will demystify digital watermarking by explaining how it works, why it performs better than alternative approaches, and the process for getting started. 


Webinar: Flexibility: The business imperative of modern manufacturing

Trends and tastes change in an instant! Digitalization is underpinning the agility that modern manufacturers must exploit in order to meet the needs of more demanding consumers.


Webinar: 2022 Food and Consumer Packaging Trends, Opportunities and Implications

The food and consumer packaged goods industry is undergoing change driven by a number of market trends.


Webinar: The revolution of sustainable PE packaging bags vs. paper bags for powdered products

PE packaging bags vs. paper bags for powered products - Find out how PE film packaging can offer an attractive alternative to paper sacks


Webinar: Tackling the fragile product packaging challenge

ROVEMA’s experts will share their knowledge on integration of sustainability aspects in packaging solutions and explain ROVEMA’s Life Cycle approach for machines.


Webinar: Trends, Risks, Solutions of Incorporating rPET into your Packaging

How to Successfully Integrate More Recycled Content into Your Packaging


Webinar: UK Packaging Policies: What’s the Global Impact?

The UK Government is undertaking a radical reform of packaging EPR policy that will impact the global packaging value chain.These EPR reforms include: setting new recycling targets, re-defining who is liable to pay EPR fees