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    Report: Strategic learnings from the Sustainable Packaging Summit 2023


    How do packaging industry leaders think about sustainability? Our latest Report summarises the key strategic takeaways and learnings from the 2023 Sustainable Packaging Summit - which saw innovators and thought leaders from across the value chain come together to discuss solutions to the biggest sustainability problems currently facing the packaging industry.

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    Report: The ultimate guide to global plastic sustainability regulation


    The world sits at a crucial stage in its collective efforts to tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution. The next negotiations towards a legally binding global plastics treaty, INC-4, take place in Ottawa, Canada, in April 2024. This report takes a look at the global perspective not only on the Treaty itself but also on the wider regulatory developments across each region that will inform their efforts to comply with its terms.

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    Report: How are the top brands progressing on packaging sustainability?


    The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s most recent Global Commitment Progress report was a chance to evaluate how far the packaging industry has come in its voluntary efforts to achieve a circular economy for plastics. In this report, we put the focus specifically on the progress made by FMCGs – and discuss the next steps.