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  • adapa Group aims to bolster shrink bag use amongst customers by funding new production lines

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  • German government funds construction of production plant for biomaterial start-up

  • Billerud wraps toilet and kitchen paper in machine-glazed kraft paper

  • Mono-PP pouch for dry food applications developed by Borealis and value chain partners

  • Collaborative project claims to have achieved closed recycling loop for PET-based multi-layer packaging

  • Flexible packaging film containing 50% recycled plastic waste revealed by INEOS and Hosokawa Alpine

  • Biotec reveals new grades for food and beverage packaging

  • GreenSaver: Making use of savings potential in adhesive application

  • Three benefits with fresh fibre packaging materials

  • Secret Sea-Grit: Successful partnership between Ampacet and NaturePlast

  • Closing the loop with the innovative flexible packaging films of A. HATZOPOULOS S.A. designed for Sustainability: X-CYCLE and X-LOOP

  • Thermoforming-IML Technology: Iconic decoration, cost efficiency & sustainability all in one

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