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  • Why did Unilever change its packaging sustainability goals?

  • Talks arise of Suzano upping its $15 billion bid for International Paper

  • Everything you need to know about the latest round of Global Plastics Treaty negotiations

  • M&S takes the lead in Polytag’s UV tag plastic recycling initiative

  • How could Suzano’s reported acquisition plans for International Paper threaten the DS Smith deal?

  • Women in packaging – collaboration and breaking down barriers

  • Italy’s first industrial-scale pyrolysis plant anticipates 20kt of mixed plastic waste

  • Unilever’s packaging sustainability goals get a major reality check


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Sustainable Innovation Report 2024: Current trends and future priorities

Packaging Europe’s industry-leading Sustainable Innovation Report is back for another year – and this time there’s more insights than ever before. The report digs into the most important packaging innovations and solutions of the past year, as reflected in the submissions to our 2023 Sustainability Awards.

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  • Syros Duo Brown: Giving ‘the natural look’ to cartonboard while aiming to benefit the environment

  • London calling for UK packaging sector

  • The whole package: Henkel presents adhesives and coatings for sustainable packaging at drupa 2024

  • Chemistry for moulded fibre - shaping the future of packaging

  • Eco-fee modulation – environmentally friendly packaging design as a key criterion

  • Visually appealing, cost-efficient, and sustainable: is there a silver bullet for the graphic industry?


Bringing Brand Color and Artwork to Life Across a Global Packaging Supply Chain

Transition from Subjective to Objective Color Communication 


Design for Circularity: Third-Party Certification in Packaging Innovation

The transition to a circular economy is essential for preserving our planet’s natural resources and ensuring a sustainable future for the flexible packaging industry.


Adding barrier functionality to sustainable fibre-based packaging

Insights into Dow’s wet coating technologies


How to design and produce food and beverage packaging for the circular economy

In an era where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, the food and beverage packaging industry is increasingly required to be at the forefront of this innovation.

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  • AI and automation in life science labelling and artwork management