• Finalist Interview: Blue Ocean Closures Fiber Screw Caps

  • The Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Working towards a circular, global vision for plastics

  • Finalist Interview: Renewable materials from UPM Biochemicals

  • Getting Connected with the latest Smart Packaging developments

  • Tesco trial removes cardboard box packaging from major toothpaste brands

  • Plastics Recyclers Europe: High energy prices could drive recycling companies out of business

  • Sustainability Perspectives: Flexible packaging - plastics vs paper

  • What did the Debate on the State of the European Union tell us about the future of sustainable packaging?


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Winners of the Sustainability Awards 2022 announced!

The winners of the commercialized innovations & initiatives categories of the Sustainability Awards 2022 – as well as our annual Readers’ Award – were revealed last night at the Sustainable Packaging Summit, in Lisbon. 

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  • Mespack develops turnkey projects for the flexible packaging market

  • AmPrima® Recycle-Ready Solutions for Home and Personal Care: More sustainable packaging for meeting business and consumer needs

  • Molded Fiber Labeling™: The unique, sustainable paper label to decorate wet or dry fibre moulded packaging

  • Packlion’s new “web-to-pack” platform aims to make access to sustainable FMCG packaging easier

  • Pellenc ST and Ampacet join forces to recycle black PET


Webinar: The power of aluminium in flexible packaging

Learn about the 360degree cycle to make tomorrow’s circular economy a reality today


Webinar: Top trends and emerging technologies in preform-based PET packaging

How to maximize production, efficiency, and competitiveness in the coming decade


Webinar: Watermarks for Plastics Recycling: Accelerate from Planning to Action

Experts will demystify digital watermarking by explaining how it works, why it performs better than alternative approaches, and the process for getting started. 

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