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    Smart packaging business bites


    Andrew Manly, communications director at AIPIA, casts his eye over a number of interesting and innovative smart packaging developments that have been revealed over the past few weeks.

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    Recognising the role of smart packaging in sustainability


    The increasing use of Smart Packaging technologies to improve the re-use and recycling of packaging is gaining more recognition in this year’s Sustainability Awards, which will be co-located with the 2023 AIPIA World Congress in Amsterdam, this November (14th & 15th), as part of the Sustainable Packaging Summit.

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    Avery Dennison Smartrac invests $100milion in new RFID tag making capacity


    Avery Dennison Smartrac has announced a significant investment to expand its RFID tag production capacity in the Americas region with a new manufacturing site in Querétaro, Mexico.

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    New packaging tech uses copper microparticles to extend shelf-life of products


    Extending the shelf life of food is a global climate emergency issue to help reduce waste, but it also has the potential to boost business. Developments are going on in every continent and, as the last AIPIA Comment article highlighted, different materials and processes are being developed in almost every region of the world.

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    Aptar and Berry Global win Chinese awards for smart pharmaceutical packs


    Aptar Pharma, a leading AIPIA member in the active technology area, recently received two InnoPack 2022 China Awards in recognition of its HeroTracker® Sense and Activ-Blister™ solutions.

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    How does the EU Circular Economy Package impact your packaging?


    With the European Commission seeking to tackle a potential 19% increase in packaging waste by 2030, the EU Circular Economy Package is changing the way that packaging is produced in Europe. What implications does this have for industry players, and what can we expect going forward? Jenny Stanley, managing director and founder of Appetite Creative, tells us more.

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    Making the case for antimicrobial packaging films: Time to get more Active?


    Innovative antimicrobial and antibacterial materials are announced on a near weekly-basis, but why do so few reach scale? What can the industry do to commercialise more solutions like this in a cost-effective, viable way? Andrew Manly, communications director at AIPIA, tells us more.

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    Charoen Pokphand Foods to roll out blockchain tech after success with pork and chicken


    Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Ltd, a multinational food producer headquartered in Thailand, and with global export markets, has successfully leveraged blockchain technology into its digital food traceability system for fresh pork and chicken products.

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    New connected paper packaging experience uses ‘eco-friendly’ conductive ink


    International Paper has announced the availability of OHMEGA® Conductive Ink + Touchcode™, its latest technology that it says provides a ‘new dimension’ in brand protection to the packaging industry.

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    Supply chain transparency helps berry producer to connect with and protect customers


    Antares Vision Group, an AIPIA member that is headquartered in Italy and is a leading provider of track and trace and quality control systems, has successfully piloted a supply chain transparency solution for a prominent berry company.

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    New NFC tag from Toppan replaces plastic with paper as substrate


    Toppan, a longstanding AIPIA member with interests globally in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, has developed a near-field communication (NFC) tag label that uses paper material as the substrate for the antenna instead of conventional PET film.

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    AIPIA announces dates for 2023 World Congress in Amsterdam


    AIPIA, the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association, in conjunction with its partner Packaging Europe, has confirmed that the next World Congress will take place on the 14th and 15th of November at the Beurs van Berlage in central Amsterdam.

  • Brauerei Locher and Authena collaboration

    IoT sensor-based blockchain technology provides NFT authentication via smartphone


    During the recent CES show in Las Vegas, Authena AG, a leading provider of NFT ownership certificates and ‘phygital’ authentication at the single SKU level introduced M3TA™, which provides authenticity and ownership certificates via NFTs associated with their physical twin.

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    On-pack QR codes will give full traceability of meat products sold online


    A new traceability system that enables customers to use their smartphones to see where their whole cuts come from has been launched by online meat retailer Farmison & Co. The company, which is based in Yorkshire, UK, says its new system enables customers to see precisely where their meat originates and is part of its Farming the Future (FTF) programme.

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    Combining RFID and touchscreen technology enhances consumer experience


    Longstanding AIPIA member SML Group, an end-to-end RFID specialist, recently announced a new partnership with Elo, a leading global supplier of interactive touchscreen solutions. By combining RFID technology with interactive touchscreen solutions, this partnership brings two technology solutions together, enabling retailers to enhance customer engagement and the overall user experience, they say.

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    New security seal provides tamper evidence for syringe needles


    Needle-Trap, a unique label with integrated needle protection from pharma label specialists Schreiner MediPharm, has been complemented by a completely new security feature, says the company.

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    The latest generation of ultra-thin OLED labels showcased at CES


    Inuru, an AIPIA member who pioneers the development of practical and transformative light technology, is presenting its new line of paper-thin organic LEDs (OLED) at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month.

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    A new dimension in brand protection with machine-readable holograms


    IQ Structures, a research and production organisation focused on nanotechnology engineering, part of the IQS Group, has introduced holograms for packaging-related security applications that can be authenticated automatically, using normal light and a mobile phone app.

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    How smart will your packaging be in 2023?


    Extended producer responsibility, track and trace, and deposit return schemes will all undoubtedly be key drivers of innovation throughout the next year and beyond. But what role could smart packaging play to facilitate these new technologies? Andrew Manly, communications director at AIPIA, tells us more.


    Is the age of low-cost RAIN RFID tags finally dawning?


    More than 28 billion RAIN RFID chips were deployed in 2021 and it’s expected that the market for these tags will have reached 35 billion by the end of 2022. The majority of these chips are low-cost 3-cent 96-bit RFID “product ID tags” used in supply chain logistics for retailers, performing a similar function as the barcode from the 1970s, but with the benefit that they read through a box at a speed of 1,000 items (tags) per second.