Teamwork Commerce, a global retail management software provider with headquarters in Florida, USA, has announced the launch of its RFID-Powered Self-Checkout solution, designed to simplify the checkout process for in-store customers.

The technology allows customers to instantly scan all items and reduce checkout times, making in-store experiences hassle-free. This new solution enables global fashion retailers to provide seamless commerce experiences for in-store customers, says the company.

Long wait times at checkout are one of the main reasons why customers opt for online shopping, according to the company. To counteract this, self-checkout was introduced as the first step in what has become a major technological revolution. In fact, according to Catalina, self-checkout accounts for 38% of transactions in today’s retail environment.

Simplifying the checkout process for shoppers enables them to conduct transactions at their own pace, it says. This self-checkout technology provides a number of additional advantages to standard self-checkout solutions, Teamwork claims. The RFID technology automatically scans all items and is also capable of triggering alarms. So retailers experience fewer losses and enhanced security at checkout.

With the solution in place, retailers can significantly enhance the number of transactions completed during operating hours, the company believes, optimizing checkout times without having to individually scan all items. In-store associates are also able to focus on customer service, providing a high-quality experience rather than manually completing transactions.

The company is constantly evolving the technology to ensure it can provide its customers with cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of an ever-changing retail landscape. Teamwork says its Self-Checkout technology takes the self-service checkout concept one step forward, with users able to add barcodes, coupons and revolutionary payment methods to enable a completely streamlined shopping experience for associates and customers alike.

Amber Hovious, VP of marketing & partnerships at Teamwork Commerce, said, “We know that self-checkout is here to stay, and we want to take part in the revolution of the retail industry. The retail checkout experience is the last touchpoint a shopper has with a store and providing more checkout options can boost customer satisfaction and reduce wait time.”

“With our technology, and Mobile Point-Of-Sale system, retailers can keep customers happy and encourage more sales in-store. The quicker customers can shop, the happier they’ll be,” she added.

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