Prominent AIPIA member Avery Dennison Corporation has announced updates to its connected product cloud, which is helping brands transform their supply chains. The platform now manages over 28 billion items for brands across the apparel, retail, food, and healthcare sectors, the company reveals.

The Spring ‘23 update to incorporates new artificial intelligence (AI) updates, including the integration of ChatGPT - an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, launched in November 2022 - for automating alert response. As the first of many applications of generative AI on, this will enable better collaboration and more efficient communication amongst partners within the supply chain, while ensuring privacy and data protection compliance, the company says.

Max Winograd, vice president, digital solutions at Avery Dennison explains, “The goal of using AI technologies, including ChatGPT, is to increase efficiency by reducing the time people need to spend on repetitive, manual tasks.

“Today, sourcing and supply chain managers spend a significant amount of time chasing information via email, typing out repetitive inquiries and follow-ups. With our generative AI we are helping to speed up this process significantly, while maintaining the trusted, human connections among partners in the supply chain.”

While this is the first release of generative AI-driven capabilities, the team is working on a number of additional capabilities, such as natural language queries on the large datasets the platform manages, as well as content creation for consumer-facing experiences, as well as intelligent, personalized notifications. These additions will be rolled out gradually over the course of the year to enable customers to benefit first-hand from the continuous advancements in generative AI.

A new dedicated module for Digital Product Passports, called DPP Essentials, will help prepare firms today for the forthcoming EU scheme which will begin from 2026 across Batteries, Textiles, and Consumer Electronics, it claims. captures and manages the key data this legislation is expected to mandate, including raw material insights, product certificates, and the carbon footprint.

The platform allows brands to selectively share this data, through a DPP Essentials template, directly with consumers, for better storytelling around environmental credentials as well as tips to extend the life of products through repair, reuse, and remanufacture. As an Associate Partner of the CIRPASS consortium, which is advising the EU on its implementation, Avery Dennison has first-hand insights to shape the platform and advise customers as needed.

Max Winograd continued, “In the last year, we have added an additional six billion items to the platform and also announced key partnerships with organizations including SAP, Wiliot, and Hedera, enabling brands to transform the efficiency and sustainability of their global supply chains.”

“From the outset, has been designed to provide organizations with unprecedented visibility into the origin, sourcing, and re-use of their products. The addition of the DPP Essentials module is an extension of the functionality customers already have and provides them with the templates needed to prepare for the upcoming legislation,” he added.

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