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    Zalkin Delivers a Price and Performance First at interpack


    Zalkin, powered by Pro Mach, introduces the TM300 FILLCAPP, a single-head stand-alone capper with integrated filler at Interpack, May 4-10, 2017, in Hall 14 at Stand E31.

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    Are you ready for Industry 4.0?


    Hosted by VDMA, one of the most anticipated special exhibits at interpack 2017 focusses on the most disruptive technological wave hitting the packaging supply chain in decades: Industry 4.0.

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    HAVI's key trends for 2017


    Tackling food waste, enabling ecommerce and holistic packaging will be among the key trends for the packaging industry in 2017, according to a new trends alert from industry leader HAVI.

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    New Eye Tracking Research Highlights Brand Impact of Foils and Laminates on Customers


    New research from Package InSight at Clemson University has highlighted the decisive impact on customers of foils and laminates on packaging.

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    Valmatic at interpack with a New Machine Dedicated to Single-dose Packaging


    The dynamic Italian company, based near Modena, in the heart of the industrial district in Emilia Romagna, will present at the Düsseldorf trade fair an innovative solution for single-dose packaging that has been designed to meet specific market need

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    Innovative Closures


    For more than 75 years, Velcro Companies has partnered with brands to deliver innovative closure solutions for all kinds of applications. Its solutions are found in a wide range of products for home and office organisation, gardening and DIY projects

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    Resealable Solutions: Unsealing the Food Market


    Resealable solutions in the food market are fast growing. From a prominent residence in the cheese aisle they have opened up into other sectors due to their wide-ranging benefits. Packaging Europe's Libby White reports on one of the big trends we wil

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    Pharmaceuticals Packaging: Safety Across the Board


    “No compromising on product safety” is the overriding principle for companies of the pharmaceuticals industry and for allied enterprises in the packaging sector. Because of their high responsibility for human health, they are strictly monitored and h

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    Are you Focused on Damage-Free Delivery?


    Bob Lemmen, marketing manager at Lantech, discusses how to deliver damage-free products.

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    Four Packaging Innovations Brands Must Understand


    In a retail environment of ever-increasing consumer choice and demand, leading to greater numbers of SKUs and shorter product lifecycles, the world of packaging and artwork production is having to adapt accordingly. In response, a steady stream of in

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    Cost vs Functionality vs Sustainability: Unavoidable Trade-Offs?


    The director of Aquapak Polymers Ltd, the design manager of RPC Group and the marketing manager of Futamura talk about how their companies deal with balancing the sometimes clashing priorities of cost, functionality and sustainability in pack design

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    Is Sustainable Packaging the Key to a Circular Economy?


    Fostering a more 'circular economy' is seen by many as critical to paving the way for a sustainable future - according to Phil Davidson - senior manager for sustainability Europe and Asia at HAVI.

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    Collaborate Innovate Accelerate


    Tim Sykes visited Dow's Pack Studios in to find out why the world's number one producer of polyethylene is positioning itself as a hub for packaging innovation - and whether this represents a fresh model for industry collaboration

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    How Shrink Sleeve Labels are Helping Overcome Design Challenges


    As a consumer, you see shrink sleeve labels on containers you purchase and use every day. The shrink sleeve label’s ability to conform to the container shape, and provide printed label graphics and content over a larger area of the full container, ma

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    The Affordable Nanotech Revolution


    Founded in 2009, OCSiAl has rapidly grown from a Siberian tech startup to a Luxembourg-headquartered global business that is realising the potential of nanotechnology at viable costs in a wide range of industrial sectors. Tim Sykes travelled to Novos

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    "Packaging Must Constantly Rejuvenate"


    The NVC is known as one of the most proactive, outward-looking and forward thinking national organisations. Tim Sykes spoke to Michaël Nieuwesteeg about interpack, the big issues facing packaging, and how innovation is transforming industry education

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    Knowing Your Customer's Customer


    Tim Sykes visited Tetra Pak HQ in Texas for the launch of its new report on ageing consumers. He took the opportunity to explore its unique innovation model based on a combination of end user market intelligence and supply chain collaborations

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    Packaging at the Tipping Point


    Tim Sykes caught up with Mike Richmond, VP, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, at HAVI Global Solutions shortly after Mike's appearance at the Global Packaging Summit to discuss the collision of innovation, mass customisation and big data.

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    The Brand Owner's Perspective


    Alison Ingle, group packaging manager at Nestlé UK & Ireland, tells Tim Sykes how the giant brand owner approaches packaging development from the point of view of sustainability and other major innovation drivers.