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    ‘Europe should follow India’s lead on plastic recycling’


    The Indian government recently passed a law that will force producers, importers and brand owners to recycle up to 50% of the plastic they use or produce over the next three years. Christian Schiller, co-founder and CEO of cirplus, argues that Europe should follow suit.

  • coal

    ‘Sustainability as we know it must go’


    In its journey towards minimizing waste, is the packaging industry losing sight of the crucial importance of making its energy consumption more sustainable? Robert Lilienfeld, founder and executive director of sustainable packaging think tank SPRING, tells us more.

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    How P&G’s new laundry capsule box combines sustainable and inclusive design with child safety certification


    Ariel will now offer its All-in-1 Pods® in a recyclable cardboard-based box designed with accessibility and child safety certification as a priority. Samantha King, R&D Vice President at P&G Fabric Care Europe, discusses the process behind developing a laundry care box that met the team’s certified child safety, sustainability and inclusivity targets. 

  • formerfab-21.07

    Finalist interview: FormerFab’s forming solution for paper with asymmetrical seams


    We spoke to FormerFab GmbH about being finalists in the ‘Machinery’ category of the Sustainability Awards 2022 with its horizontal forming shoulder for paper with asymmetrical seams, which is aimed at making it easier for brands to switch to paper solutions without compromising on performance. 

  • scalize

    Finalist interview: Optimising FMCG packaging design with SCALIZE


    SCALIZE, which provides automated analysis of packaging dimensions to help reduce material costs and enhance sustainability, is a finalist in our 2022 Sustainability Awards. Robert Hughes, one of the company’s co-founders, tells us more about the potential of its solution.

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    Finalist interview: Recycle-ready bag-in-box solution from Liquibox


    Liquibox claims to have broken new ground with its recycle-ready bag-in-box packaging for sensitive products. Our judges picked the solution as a finalist for the Sustainability Awards 2022, and we caught up with the company to learn more about it.

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    EuPC’s new president on confronting a ‘tsunami of change’ in the plastics industry


    The European plastics industry is in a time of unprecedented upheaval, with issues related to sustainability, geopolitics and supply chains causing price rises and shortages. It is in this context that EuPC, a body representing European plastics converters, recently announced the election of a new president, Benoît Hennaut. We spoke with Hennaut to get his views on how the industry can confront these challenges.

  • R-Cycle_keyvisual

    Finalist interview: R-Cycle's digital product passport for plastics


    In this article, part of our ongoing series of interviews with the finalists of the Sustainability Awards 2022, we talk with R-Cycle about its digital product passport, through which it aims to revolutionise traceability in plastic recycling.

  • releaf-22.07

    Finalist interview: Turning fallen leaves into paper with Releaf Paper


    Releaf Paper has developed a process for turning cellulose fibres derived from fallen leaves into paper packaging products, such as carrier bags. We spoke to the company about developing the technology and being shortlisted in the ‘Renewable Materials’ category of the Sustainability Awards 2022. 

  • tonejet`

    Finalist interview: the Cyclone C4+ direct digital can printing system


    Tonejet’s Cyclone C4+, a direct digital can printing system that replaces labels and shrink sleeves, has been shortlisted in the ‘Machinery’ category of the Sustainability Awards 2022. We caught up with Tonejet to find out more about the solution, which helps to ensure that aluminium beverage cans remain recyclable after printing and labelling. 

  • ab-inbev

    Finalist interview: AB InBev and partners’ low carbon aluminium can


    Shortlisted for the ‘Climate’ category of the Sustainability Awards 2022, AB InBev, RUSAL, CANPACK and ELVAL’s low carbon aluminium beer can is made with 100% renewable electricity and uses an inert anode technology that allows for reduced emissions. AB InBev tells us more about the collaborative solution. 

  • berlin-packaging-18.07

    Finalist interview: Berlin Packaging’s carbon neutral wine bottle


    Berlin Packaging’s Aurelia is a carbon neutral wine bottle produced using renewable energy sources, with an offsetting programme for the remaining CO2 emissions. We caught up with the company about being shortlisted in the ‘Climate’ category of our 2022 Sustainability Awards. 

  • paboco-2

    Finalist interview: the Paboco Paper Bottle


    Paboco’s Paper Bottle, featuring a paper outer shell with a thin plastic barrier inside, has been trialled by companies including Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, and Absolut. We spoke to Paboco about being finalists in the ‘Renewable Materials’ category of our 2022 Sustainability Awards.

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    ‘Sustainability is the solution to a global crisis but, as a term, it is a hindrance to driving change’


    Is eco-jargon getting in the way of guiding consumers to new choices and behaviours? Julian Rolfe, co-founder of !mpatience, says that sustainability needs to be about leading people to urgent change, rather than companies aligning themselves with lofty causes.

  • carlsberg

    Paper bottles: your questions answered


    Last month, Carlsberg announced that its paper-based bottle would soon be available for consumer trials across Europe. When we reported on this announcement, a number of our readers raised some thought-provoking questions and talking points on this topic. We recently spoke with Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, director of sustainability at the Carlsberg Group, and put these reader questions to him.

  • smartpackaging

    Cost vs value: Where is Smart Packaging in the equation?


    In our latest comment piece, Andrew Manly, AIPIA’s communications director, looks into one of the biggest issues for companies that are considering using smart packaging: cost vs value.

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    How can we make extended producer responsibility a reality?


    Ignacio Gavilan, Sustainability Director at The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and Sander Defruyt, Lead of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Plastics Initiative, outline the ongoing work of their respective organisations on extended producer responsibility schemes, and explain the key role these schemes play in a circular economy for packaging.

  • water

    Could this innovative technology replace plastic coatings and PFAS?


    Cellulotech, a Canadian materials science company, claims to have developed a food contact-approved process that makes paper products resistant to water, grease, oxygen, and vapour – all while having no effect on recycling and composability.

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    The inside story of P&G's new shampoo bars


    Earlier this month, Procter and Gamble announced that its Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essences, and Aussie brands will now offer shampoo and conditioner bars in a volume equivalent to two 250ml liquid bottles, which will be packaged in recyclable FSC-certified paper boxes. Artur Litarowicz, P&G’s head of beauty Europe, tells us more.

  • Ed-Roberts

    Considerations for sustainable flexible packaging


    How can we tell if flexible packaging products are truly sustainable? Ed Roberts, global sustainability leader at Sealed Air, tells us more.