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  • forrest

    Looking beyond the carbon cycle


    Are we missing the bigger picture when we talk about the sustainability performance of compostable packaging? Robert Lilienfeld, founder and executive director of sustainable packaging think tank SPRING, tells us more.

  • Pascale-Wautelet

    Combining the physical and digital at sustainability’s tipping point


    Pascale Wautelet, VP Global Research & Development at Avery Dennison, explains how physical and digital technologies can be combined to drive circularity in the packaging supply chain, what is required to advance these innovations, and how to connect production, usage and recycling.

  • Guinness-Pack-Shot-640x427

    Are paper-based alternatives to plastic wrap truly viable?


    FMCG brands are increasingly ditching plastic multipack wrapping in favour of paper-based alternatives. But, according to Lindum Packaging, this is resulting in high levels of product damage and food waste. Rick Sellers tells us more.

  • Ralf-Peters-Portrait

    Why fair access to collected material is crucial to achieving bottle-to-bottle circularity within the beverage industry


    Ralf Peters, Vice President of Procurement at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, gives his perspective on the complexities of supply and demand of rPET across Europe and what is needed to boost capacity and support a circular economy for PET across the industry.

  • aipia-28.04

    Are retailers ready?


    In light of pandemic-related trends toward e-commerce shopping, how can retailers re-engage consumers in the bricks-and-mortar experience? The answer, according to AIPIA’s communications director Andrew Manly, lies in the successful and comprehensive usage of smart packaging.

  • shutterstock_1382060516

    Folding carton demand set to outstrip supply in 2022, while extraordinary demand for corrugated boxes eases


    Demand for folding cartons could grow by almost 5% in 2022, with supply still struggling to keep up, according to experts.

  • prescouter-21.04

    How new solutions for recycling thermoset materials are providing fresh opportunities


    In this comment piece, PreScouter Project Architect in Chemicals, Materials & Packaging, Priscila Costa Carvalho, discusses the challenges of recycling thermosets and highlights how technological innovations are providing new opportunities through the production of valuable materials from plastics that have, until recently, been considered too difficult to recycle.

  • Syntegon_Torsten_Sauer

    Much more than just paper or plastic


    Torsten Sauer, sustainability director at Syntegon, discusses the critical role alternative packaging materials can play in a differentiated approach to sustainability.

  • returns-08.04

    The cost of e-commerce returns for retailers


    When so many retailers offer free returns, people can easily be lulled into thinking there’s no cost attached. Research suggests that returns cost UK retailers £60 billion annually, on top of the the environmental impacts of transit and re-selling or disposing of items. DPack offers potential solutions for retailers facing these challenges. 

  • eu

    How is the European bioplastics industry seeking to gain more regulatory approval?


    European Bioplastics, an association representing the bioplastics industry in Europe, recently announced the appointment of Maria Negut as its new Head of EU Affairs. Her job will be to convince EU decision-makers that bioplastics can play a vital role in helping them to achieve their climate goals. We spoke with Negut to learn more about the arguments her organisation will be using in its attempts to make this happen.

  • pharma-07.04

    Packaging self-administered injectables and infusibles for better patient outcomes


    Boy Tjoa, Managing Director at Tjoapack, examines how, from dose compliance to needle-stick safety and anti-tampering, the industry’s contract packagers have more to do with drug safety and therapeutic performance than ever before.

  • recyclate-05.04

    The fight for raw materials has only just begun


    As industries such as construction, manufacturing and fashion start to seek recycled polymer content and biomaterials, thus competing directly with packaging manufacturers, where is it all going to come from? This is the question posed by Paul Foulkes-Arellano, founder of Circuthon Consulting, in an exclusive opinion piece.

  • reuse-31.03

    ‘Refillables can’t solve today’s consumer problems’


    Recent reports have suggested that consumers may be turning their backs on refillable packaging. What could explain this trend? According to Robert Lilienfeld, founder and executive director of sustainable packaging think tank SPRING, the packaging industry should keep one mantra in mind: convenience is king.

  • ukraine-flag-14.03

    How are Ukrainian packaging companies coping with the Russian invasion, and how can you help?


    Less than a week after we spoke to Alexander Sobolenko about the Re-Leaf Paper Technology that turns fallen leaves into recyclable paper products, Russia invaded Ukraine. Now the company’s situation has changed drastically. Sobolenko shares his and Re-Leaf’s experiences of the war and what the packaging industry can do to support Ukraine.

  • pepsico-14.03

    PepsiCo expert on how FMCG brands can create a circular economy for flexibles


    In early March, some of the biggest companies in the FMCG space committed to increasing investments in the creation of a circular economy for flexible plastics. Gloria Gabellini, director of packaging policy at PepsiCo, tells us more about how her organisation will be looking to put these commitments into practice.

  • AC

    Closing the loop for PET


    We spoke with Petcore’s new President to look into the current challenging market conditions for PET - from concerning price rises, to ever-present sustainability issues.

  • drs-01.03

    EPR: Penalty or opportunity?


    Emma Samson, marketing communications manager at environmental consultancy Searious Business, gives an introduction to EPR and argues that ambitious brands should see it as an exciting opportunity.

  • nulogy-21.02

    What can we expect from supply chain digitalisation in 2022?


    Josephine Coombe, Managing Director of Nulogy in Europe, discusses expectations for digitalisation in 2022, and the role it will play in tackling supply chain challenges for contract packers, manufacturers, and brands alike.

  • Frugal Bottle line up 2

    Can paper bottles actually be sustainable?


    To dive deeper into the sustainability credentials of paper bottles, we caught up with Malcolm Waugh, CEO at Frugalpac.

  • adhesives1802bostikhead

    Packaging adhesives and sustainability


    Adhesives are more or less invisible, but play an important part in quite literally holding packaging together. Elisabeth Skoda looks at the latest market developments and discusses recent trends with H.B. Fuller and Bostik.