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    Finalist interview: home compostable, fibre-based ready meal trays from Green Monday


    Green Monday’s Omnifoods Home Compostable Trays, which are made from sugarcane bagasse and bamboo fibre and can be composted within four months, are shortlisted in the Renewable Materials category of the Sustainability Awards 2022. Find out more about the solution from Green Monday in our latest finalist interview. 

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    Finalist interview: the rPET Lenor bottle with digital watermarking


    P&G is transitioning its laundry brand, Lenor, to shrink-sleeved transparent rPET bottles with digital watermarking in order to enable automatic sorting and enhance recyclability. We caught up with P&G to find out more about the new Lenor bottle, which is a finalist in the Recyclable Packaging category of the Sustainability Awards 2022.  

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    Finalist interview: Amcor’s recycle-ready HDPE blister packaging system


    A finalist in the Recyclable Packaging category of the Sustainability Awards 2022, AmSky is an HDPE-based pharmaceutical blister packaging system from Amcor, which says it provides a recycle-ready, drop-in solution. We spoke to Amcor to find out more. 

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    Finalist interview: Facilitating the circular economy in Africa


    In a bid to create a circular economy for its packaging, the Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company is working with communities in Guinea and Morocco to improve collection and recycling systems. To learn more about this project, we spoke with the company.

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    Finalist interview: Confidex’s RFID tags for tracking reusable packaging returns


    Confidex, a Beontag company, has developed RAIN RFID tags that allow reusable takeaway food packaging to be tracked at events, encouraging returns via reverse vending machines and facilitating convenient deposit refunds. We spoke with Zuleyka Moisio, Director Global Channel & Pulp&Paper Sales at Confidex, about being a finalist in the Recyclable Packaging category of the Sustainability Awards 2022. 

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    Finalist interview: Fully mono-material PP packs with SealPPeel


    MCC Verstraete’s SealPPeel product is a heat seal die-cut lidding innovation made from PP, which allows PP packs to become fully mono-material. The company and its partners tell us more about the product, which is a finalist in the Readers’ Award category of our 2022 Sustainability Awards, in this interview.

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    Wipak talks recyclability


    What is the importance of collaboration to packaging recyclability, what more can the value chain do to accelerate it, and what kinds of technical challenges must the industry overcome on this journey? We caught up with Susan Janssen, Sustainability and Sustainable Products Manager at Wipak, to find out more.

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    Huhtamaki Fiber Solutions - The Future Redesigned


    How people consume is undergoing rapid change. As consumer demands and regulatory requirements intensify, the packaging industry needs to find new ways to protect food safely in more sustainable ways. Eric Le Lay, President, Fiber and Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania at Huhtamaki believes that there is a game-changing technology that can facilitate this transformation: High precision technology to create smooth molded fiber packaging.

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    Finalist interview: CCL Label’s digital inkjet embellishment technology


    CCL Label’s Hybrid ASD Technology, shortlisted in the ‘Machinery’ category of the Sustainability Awards 2022, enables printing embellishments to be produced with digital hybrid inkjet technology. We spoke to CCL Labels to find out more about the technology. 

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    Are designers truly responsible for 80% of a pack’s environmental footprint?


    The statistic that design is responsible for 80% of a pack’s footprint is frequently cited across the packaging value chain. But where did this figure come from, and how much faith should we really put in it? According to Paul Foulkes-Arellano, founder of Circuthon Consulting, it’s time to bust this myth and reveal the truth.

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    A look at mergers and acquisitions in the UK corrugated market


    How attractive are UK paper packaging manufacturing plants to investors? Neil Osment, Managing Director of paper packaging industry analysts NOA, tells us more.

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    Finalist interview: An AI-powered tool for measuring carbon emissions


    Want to quantify your company’s emissions accurately? Boston Consulting Group says that its CO2 AI product, which is a finalist in our 2022 Sustainability Awards, can do just that. We caught up with the company to find out more.

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    ‘Not just another conference’ – unpacking the Sustainable Packaging Summit


    Following a row of successful Sustainable Packaging Summits both as event collaborations and in virtual format due to COVID-19, the first stand-alone in-person summit will take place in Lisbon on September 13th and 14th, 2022. Elisabeth Skoda takes a closer look at what inspired Packaging Europe to set up this event and explores what delegates can expect.

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    Finalist interview: Starlinger viscotec’s recycled, recyclable and heat-resistant PET sheet material


    Shortlisted in the ‘Recyclable Packaging’ category of our Sustainability Awards 2022, Starligner viscotec’s rPET100 sheet material is made from 100% recycled content and is fully recyclable itself while being heat-resistant up to 100 °C. We spoke to the company about the solution.

  • Amazon

    How committed is Amazon to sustainable packaging progress?


    E-commerce giant Amazon has taken a recent interest in eco-friendly packaging, particularly in its usage of paper and cardboard. Even so, the company is no stranger to criticism for its environmental practices. With the catastrophic impacts of climate change leading to conversations about corporate greenwashing, Emma Liggins asks if Amazon is doing enough to make its packaging sustainable.

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    Smart and sustainable: Can packaging be both?


    How connected are sustainability and smart packaging, and what does the future hold for partnerships between these two fields? Andrew Manly, AIPIA’s communications director, looks into this in our latest comment piece.

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    Finalist interview: HelloFresh’s system for enhancing the thermal performance of recipe delivery boxes


    HelloFresh’s Systematic Cooling Concept (SCC) was developed in-house with the aim of optimising the efficiency and thermal performance of the recipe box delivery service’s packaging. We spoke to HelloFresh about the system, which is shortlisted in the ‘E-commerce’ category of our Sustainability Awards 2022. 

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    Finalist interview: The Coles Sustainable Packaging Data Project


    Shortlisted in the ‘Best Practice’ category of the Sustainability Awards 2022, Australian retailer Coles’ Sustainable Packaging Data Project gathers information about packaging recyclability from the company’s suppliers to facilitate the reduction or elimination of what it identifies as “problematic packaging”. We spoke to the company to find out more about the collaborative solution. 

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    ‘Europe should follow India’s lead on plastic recycling’


    The Indian government recently passed a law that will force producers, importers and brand owners to recycle up to 50% of the plastic they use or produce over the next three years. Christian Schiller, co-founder and CEO of cirplus, argues that Europe should follow suit.

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    ‘Sustainability as we know it must go’


    In its journey towards minimizing waste, is the packaging industry losing sight of the crucial importance of making its energy consumption more sustainable? Robert Lilienfeld, founder and executive director of sustainable packaging think tank SPRING, tells us more.