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  • recycling

    Plastics supply chain in Europe continues to push for greater legal certainty for recycled content


    Earlier this week, organisations from across the value chain called on the EU to adopt mass balance as a means of developing EU-harmonised calculating rules for recycled content in plastics applications in order to meet revised environmental targets.

  • CS

    The pack is back


    In times of economic uncertainty, how do consumer and brand owner perceptions of packaging change? Christopher Schilperoort, MD at brand and packaging design agency bluemarlin, says that in tough times, packaging has an even bigger job to do.

  • Rob-Brown-HS-1.3

    The need for the industry to pivot in the face of new EU rules


    The packaging industry has a choice: evolve now to meet the increasing demand for sustainable packaging or become irrelevant, says Rob Brown, head of European business development at OKI Europe.

  • james-harmer-new-scaled

    On Second Thoughts… Is ‘uber standardization’ the next step for reuse?


    James Harmer, Planning & Innovation Strategy Leader at Cambridge Design Partnership, provides an innovator’s perspective on what might happen as companies respond to the European Commission Green Deal proposal – and whether a radical level of standardization is called for to create more widespread uptake of reuse models.

  • pet-bottles

    The key to unlocking sustainable packaging progress


    What are the most important things to consider when working towards holistic packaging sustainability success? There are nine fundamental steps that companies should bear in mind in these efforts, says Dr. Thomas Gröner, director at TG PACK SOLUTIONS.

  • shutterstock_1043108527

    ‘Sustainable packaging is complicated – will executive leaders be the last to realise this?’


    Given the complexities of sustainable packaging, are key stakeholders doing enough to embrace the realities and trade-offs that may be required to make advancements? Gartner Supply Chain’s senior director analyst, John Blake, tells us more about how companies can avoid “hype cycles” in the future.

  • energy

    Drilling down into Mintel’s predictions for the packaging industry in 2023


    Mintel recently identified five key macro factors that it thinks will have a significant effect on the packaging industry in 2023. In a wide-ranging conversation with Benjamin Punchard, Global Packaging Insights Director at Mintel, we unpacked these issues and their potential effects on the packaging ecosystem.

  • PE_Michele_Bianchi

    A deeper dive into the progress of the cartonboard industry


    In October 2022, Michele Bianchi, CEO of RDM Group, was announced as the new president of Pro Carton. Since then, the packaging industry has seen such developments as the leak and subsequent announcement of proposed revisions to the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, as well as a continuing transition into fibre-based packaging solutions. We caught up with Bianchi to gain insight into his role and his vision for the paper and board industry, both today and in the future.

  • eucommission

    ‘Commission must clarify sustainability targets or risk losing future investment in Europe’


    Could a lack of clarity around new EU packaging sustainability regulation negatively affect future investment in crucial areas such as chemical recycling and reuse systems? Matt Tudball, Senior Editor, Recycling at ICIS, drills down into this issue in our latest comment piece.

  • heidelberg1

    What drives innovation in the converting machinery sector?


    Packaging converters play an important role in the value chain and handle a wide range of materials and substrates. But how does the sector innovate to deal with a challenging economic climate and increasing sustainability demands, and what are the latest trends and developments? Elisabeth Skoda finds out more, speaking to HEIDELBERG and BOBST

  • air

    Ship goods, not air


    The EU has set its sights on reducing empty space in packaging, with new rules on this issue forming a core part of its recently announced Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive revisions. How will all of this affect the industry, and how can companies get ahead of the curve? Jo Bradley, business development manager at Sparck Technologies, explores the options.


    How to measure reusable packaging success


    How can we accurately measure the environmental and economic success of reusable packaging models? The creation of a common language and set of metrics is essential, says Mike Newman, CEO of Returnity.

  • nextek

    Is simplifying sorting the key to creating a circular economy for plastics?


    In order for plastic packaging to become truly circular, it’s crucial that the sorting of post-consumer packaging is as efficient and consistent as possible. How can the industry make this happen? Professor Edward Kosior, CEO and co-founder at Nextek and NEXTLOOPP, tells us more.

  • johnsewell-08.11

    Unlocking the potential of chemical recycling


    Chemical recycling – the potential benefits are huge, but what are the barriers standing in the way of increased uptake?

  • PE_Billerud_VD

    Billerud CEO Christoph Michalski on its growth strategy investments in the US and Norway


    “I look forward to taking on the challenge of developing BillerudKorsnäs to reach its full potential,” said Christoph Michalski, CEO of Billerud, when taking up the post in the summer of 2020. Lots has happened since he got started – the major acquisition of Verso in the United States is one example, and the recently announced partnership with Viken Skog in Norway another. Sitting down with Bo Wallteg – editor-in-chief at nord emballage (where this article originally appeared) – over lunch at HK, Michalski elaborated on his thoughts on the US and Norway and what awaits around the corner.

  • Sandy-Dhesi

    Creating a culture of innovation based on experience and data


    What’s the best way for companies to achieve true circularity? Collecting, analysing, managing, and acting on data should be front and centre in this context, says Sandy Dhesi, commercial manager at Ecoveritas.

  • 4evergreen050123

    A harmonised approach to fibre-based packaging recyclability


    Following the launch of the beta version of the 4evergreen alliance’s Fibre-Based Packaging Recyclability Evaluation protocol, we catch up with Hans Wortman, 4evergreen Chair and Internal Business Consultant at WEPA Group, and Peter Hengesbach, project co-lead and recyclability manager at Stora Enso to find out how the protocol was developed, the collaboration powering it, challenges involved and next steps.

  • drs

    How smart will your packaging be in 2023?


    Extended producer responsibility, track and trace, and deposit return schemes will all undoubtedly be key drivers of innovation throughout the next year and beyond. But what role could smart packaging play to facilitate these new technologies? Andrew Manly, communications director at AIPIA, tells us more.

  • Ian Batt - Small Things Wine

    Wine in a can: the Australian perspective


    Following our interview with Austrade last month where we discussed packaging innovation in Australia, we asked Ian Batt, winemaker and founder of Australia’s Small Things Wine (which produces wine in a can) about recyclability, the manufacturing process and sustainability goals.

  • 872_tetrapak020318

    Three steps needed to establish a closed-loop circular economy


    Alex Henriksen, MD Tetra Pak North Europe, talks us through the ways in which the packaging industry can help to establish a closed-loop economy.