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    Design Thinking: Shifting to Value-Driven


    Brands are faced with highly visible evidence that a ‘recyclable’ pack isn't always recycled. Significant efforts are being made to ensure that single-use packaging ends up in a recycling stream rather rather than in our seas – writes Tracy Sutton.

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    P&G Announces New Positive-Impact Sustainability Goals


    New 'Ambition 2030' goals aim to enable and inspire positive impact on the environment and society while creating value for the company & consumers. P&G's Gian De Belder will outline the packaging implications at Sustainable Packaging Summit on 23/10

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    Versatile Film Receives Sustainability Award


    The food protection and preservation capabilities of X-Hance film from RPC bpi protec have been acknowledged in a major sustainability awards programme.

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    2017 Sustainability Award Winners


    Packaging Europe has announced the winners of its third annual Sustainability Awards, celebrating innovation and creativity that makes significant environmental advances across the CPG supply chain.

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    Sun Dried Grass Paper wins Best Sustainable Packaging Innovation!


    For the second year running we award ‘Best Sustainable Packaging Innovation’ to a solution representing R&D with transformative potential, rather than commercial impact at large volumes – though we expect to see it taken up enthusiastically

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    Machinery Award winner CMC's puts 'eco' into e-com


    CMC Cartonpack, winner in our ‘Sustainable Machinery Innovations’ category, is a fine example of the way smart production technologies can combine serving the customised needs of the multichannel marketplace at optimised environmental efficiency

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    Eco trendsetter ICA wins best practice award


    In late 2016 Swedish grocery chain ICA tried out a new method for marking fruits and vegetables. Instead of using stickers or packaging products in trays and cellophane wrap, the products are marked directly on their skin using a laser.

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    X-Hance scoops Cutting Food Waste award


    Winning in our ‘Cutting Food Waste’ category, the X-Hance film is 100 per cent opaque but is still a breathable film, designed to protect, preserve and also promote a wide range of fresh produce.

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    Circular Economy Award for Virtuous Circle Project


    The sustainability of plastic packaging has traditionally presented challenges.Up until recently, some of the most effective solutions when it comes to preserving food and reducing food waste have proved among the more difficult to recycle.

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    Easy Split Wins 2nd in Circular Economy Award


    Composite materials often deliver performance in important contexts such as food preservation, while posing challenges for recycling. An ideal packaging solution prevents waste from packing to consumption without turning into waste at end of life.

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    Weight Reduction award won by Jindal


    Jindal Films Europe scoops wins the ‘Weight Reduction’ category of our Sustainability Awards thanks to its sustained and broad efforts at downgauging.

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    Best Bio-Based Innovation Award


    Our ‘Bio-Based’ category marks significant innovations that help shift towards the use of renewable feedstocks. This year’s winner is a sealed paper packaging concept developed by Bosch Packaging Technology and BillerudKorsnäs

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    The Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards Return!


    Packaging Europe today launches the third edition of its prestigious Packaging Sustainability Awards. The winners and shortlisted submissions across multiple categories will be announced in the July edition of Packaging Europe magazine.

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    Sustainability Perspectives - exploring PCR with Amcor


    Lucie Charbonnel, responsible for Sustainability at Amcor EMEA, explains not only why high-quality post-consumer recyclate (PCR) is so vital for the overarching goal of building a circular economy, but how this can be achieved in practical terms.