Mondi is working with flavour company Aromsa to replace its stainless steel containers with TankerBox, a paper-based alternative that aims to increase shipping capacity, streamline transportation, and lower container maintenance.

Mondi’s TankerBox claims to be a strong and lightweight solution, made from corrugated cardboard and designed to replace conventional Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and metal barrels. Compared to these solutions, it is thought to facilitate efficient storage and logistics, thus offering cost advantages.

The pack consists of an outer box, inner octabin, angle frame, bottom star, and top cover pieces in a total of five parts. It does not require chemical cleaning or returning as empty cargo, Mondi says, with printability and easy handling and integration into filling lines also listed as benefits.

Designed to minimise residual contents in the product, the solution reportedly offers an intelligent discharge system with two alternative design options to discharge from the top or the bottom of the pack.

Its industrial applications include chemistry, paint, pharmaceuticals, oil, concentrated beverages, alcoholic drinks, industrial liquid foods and additives, milk, and dairy products. Mondi states that its product development service offers support through the whole sales process, including sourcing aseptic liners tailored to customer requirements.

Following a trial of the TankerBox on Aromsa’s production line, it has been announced that the company is ready to bring the solution to commercial use. It will package Aromsa’s sauces, toppings, extracts, and seasonings, amongst other products in a bid to achieve its sustainability goals.

The development comes in light of its work with another customer intending to use stainless steel containers for shipping, which the company believes would require costly processes of storage, maintenance, washing, and sterilisation – as well as initial investment into around 250 containers.

“We can do all the operations we did with the stainless-steel container with the TankerBox much more comfortably,” says Nil Okyar, production manager at Aromsa. “We have been able to simplify transportation because we now avoid the return event associated with metal containers.

“We can also stock and ship the TankerBox on top of each other, gaining storage space and doubling the shipping capacity. These benefits were only possible because of the excellent collaboration with Mondi.”

“We pride ourselves on working with our customers to fulfil their requirements,” added Gozdecan Demir, Heavy Duty Sales and Business Development manager for Mondi. “We designed this solution for Aromsa and it worked perfectly because it was based on their needs. It is this level of collaboration which leads to excellence and success.”

A new life cycle analysis tool from Tosca has been designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel consumption, and water usage by encouraging companies to switch to its foldable IBC solutions for the transportation of bulk liquids.

In another collaboration, Mondi worked with building materials supplier Baumit to launch a water-soluble paper bag for its dry mix mortar in an effort to lower waste in the construction industry. It has also expanded its IQ GRASS + PACKAGING range, which claims to be made from 30% grass fibre and 70% certified fresh fibre pulp, with the intention of enhancing sustainability in the luxury goods market.

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