Robatech presents PerfectFold, its patented liquid creaser for adhesive application systems designed to facilitate quick, precise folding for corrugated cardboard and optimise the process of assembling boxes.

Certain types of corrugated cardboard can result in breakage, gaps, and fishtailing during the folding process, Robatech explains. PerfectFold applies SpeedUp creasing fluid across two folding lines in a contactless process said to ensure that cut-outs can easily and precisely fold.

Sempre 30 application heads are used to apply the fluid, which was designed especially for PerfectFold and is not thought to leave traces on the corrugated cardboard. Depending on the size and type of corrugated cardboard, Robatech says, it has the potential to increase machine speed.

The reduced stiffness of the corrugated cardboard also claims to lower the time and effort needed to set up creasing and folding tools, as well as increase process stability. The soft fold lines apparently prevent the cardboard from breaking and enable customers to easily fit inserts into their boxes by securing precise inner dimensions.

Folding box gluers and inliners can be installed with PerfectFold. The SpeedUp creasing fluid is currently available from Robatech representatives in Europe and Turkey, with additional representatives set to follow.

Robatech also attended interpack 2023 with consumption-reducing jetting heads and its GreenSaver service, which sought to provide customers with a detailed overview of the steps needed to achieve the highest savings potential in their gluing processes.

Last year, Meler unveiled Raptor Handy, a hand-held hot melt applicator from its specialist brand Raptor designed to optimise the gluing process.

At this year’s Labelexpo, H.B. Fuller has displayed a range of pressure-sensitive adhesives that seek to lower carbon emissions, facilitate the easy removal of labels, and ensure high-quality aesthetics in label applications.

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