Celebrity fashion designer Talia Coles has spearheaded a redesign of the Corona Extra beer can with Feliz Navi-Drip, featuring limited-edition packaging and the chance to win matching robes.

Following her previous work styling rapper and actor Snoop Dogg in Corona’s La Vida Más Fina campaign, Coles has become the first designer to rework the Corona Extra can; the new pack is accompanied by a modern reimagining of traditional Christmas clothing.

Colour-changing thermochromic ink technology has been applied to the can’s exterior. As the ice-cold beer is consumed and the can warms up, the beach hut from Corona’s widely-known holiday advertisement is revealed.

By scanning a QR code on the back of the can, consumers will be taken to the Corona Holiday Sweepstakes website, where they can enter for a chance to win a matching Feliz Navi-Drip robe. The garment combines the Latin roots of the Corona brand with the ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ concept and Coles’ couture aesthetic, and can apparently be worn both in the house and outdoors.

Twelve-packs of the cans are being sold exclusively in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Philadelphia, USA, with the sale beginning on Black Friday. Those who are unable to access the cans in person can visit a virtual beach hut experience to enter the sweepstakes, watch Corona’s “Feliz Navidad” holiday advertisement, win a discount code for Corona products through an arcade-style ornament collection game, and purchase beer online.

Saul Trejo, director of brand marketing at Corona, commented: “The holidays have long represented a moment when ugly sweaters take centre stage, but here at Corona, we thought it was time to change that. We’re upgrading festive holiday attire from the typical ugly sweater to a cool and comfy robe, and our cans are getting a makeover that mirrors the iconic imagery of our classic holiday ad, making this the perfect pairing.

“The entire Corona team is glad to elevate our relationship with Talia Coles to give fans what they want and bring a fresh perspective to the season.”

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with Corona on this capsule collection, applying my ‘design your life’ mantra to the beer space and holiday season,” said Coles. “I’ve collaborated with Corona and Snoop Dogg on all of the “La Vida Más Fina” commercials, so it’s exciting to go a step further, extend the rules around where fashion lives and see my couture designs adorn the brand’s iconic cans.”

In a similar vein, Cobra Beer recently catered its visual rebrand to consumers interested in Pan-Asian cuisine, encouraging them to pair the drink with spicy foods; and, using Ardagh Metal Packaging’s H!GHEND printing technology, Heineken Enterprise’s Pélican craft beer cans are delivering on-pack instructions to flip the pack and improve the flavour.

Also, British singer, songwriter, actor and social activist Olly Alexander has recently worked with Absolut to design a limited-edition vodka bottle, aiming to uplift diversity with a new mosaic design.

Another collaboration from earlier this year called upon illustrator Ellen Porteus from the Jacky Winter Group to design a label for Hellmann’s and Ogilvy’s smart mayonnaise jar. The pack tells consumers when their fridge is at the best temperature to keep their food fresher for longer in the hopes of reducing food waste.

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