Blue Ocean Closures has secured a second investment from co-owner ALPLA Group in the hopes of accelerating the development of bio-based, biodegradable, and recyclable caps and lids.

The company’s cellulose-based screw caps utilise water-resistant paper fibre and are said to be durable, recyclable in existing paper streams, and completely biodegradable in both soil and the ocean within weeks.

The ALPLA Group has reportedly been involved in Blue Ocean Closures’ development since it was founded in 2021, and further investment is expected to expand its operations. Engineered materials manufacturer Glatfelter Corporation is also named as a founding partner, with ALPLA first announcing their partnership with one another, and their joint collaboration with Blue Ocean Closures, earlier this year.

“We now have a product with the potential to replace plastic closures in several important global product segments and markets,” says Lars Sandberg, founder and CEO of Blue Ocean Closures. “The intention is to go commercial with our fiber screw caps in 2023.

“A dedicated and growing team and the additional investment from ALPLA is for sure evidence that we are on the right path and means that we can significantly strengthen our business resources.”

“We have seen great progress, moving fast to meet the goal of developing usable fiber solutions, and as part of ALPLA’s important strategic development in circular economy, we have now decided to invest further in Blue Ocean Closures,” says Christian Zmölnig, director of Corporate Research, Development and Innovation at ALPLA Group.

The screw caps took Blue Ocean Closures to the finals of the Sustainability Awards 2022 in the ‘Recyclable Packaging’ category.

Other bottle designs, such as Carlsberg’s Fibre Bottle, also claim to have recyclable caps – although, in this case, it is not manufactured from fibre like the rest of the packaging. Paboco, on the other hand, is set to roll out a new prototype for its paper bottle, now featuring a paper closure from Blue Ocean Closures, in the coming year.