The ALPLA Group has announced a joint venture partnership with Glatfelter Corporation, with both companies working with Blue Ocean Closures (BOC) to develop natural fibre-based closures and other moulded packaging products using dry forming technology.

ALPLA, a global packaging solutions and recycling specialist, says it is joining forces with the supplier of engineered materials, Glatfelter, to invest in the development of high-quality, cellulose-based products, which will reportedly be fully bio-based and potentially ocean biodegradable. This includes products such as screw caps.

The partnership will apparently support Swedish start-up, BOC, in its product development and shorten time to market.

According to Chris Astley, senior vice president and chief commercial officer at Glatfelter: “This partnership brings together like-minded companies that share similar sustainable objectives and goals.

“We are excited to partner with ALPLA and BOC to make more innovative and eco-friendly products that will have a lasting effect on our world.”

Lars Sandberg, CEO of BOC, comments: “In addition to a common vision for a sustainable future, they also bring enormous competencies in the field of production technology and materials science into our company.”

ALPLA adds that the partnership is part of its increased investment in the circular economy, with a particular focus on the ‘Replace’ research field for developing alternative, bio-based, and recyclable materials.

In 2020, ALPLA unveiled what it claimed at the time was the world’s first carbon-neutral recycled PET, while the company invested €5 million in an extrusion system for food-grade rPET last year.

ALPLA has also been working Paboco on paper-based bottles since 2019 – with a pilot trial with Procter & Gamble’s Lenor brand set to begin this year.