Releaf Paper has introduced three new products made from fallen leaves and recycled fibres – including a self-assembled box and wrapping paper – that seek to unite functionality, sustainability, and visual appeal.

All three products offer a kraft colourway to achieve an organic and elegant look, while also seeking to help small and medium businesses improve the recyclability and biodegradability of their products.

The Releaf Self-Assembled Box Medium features three layers of corrugated board made from a combination of fallen leaves and recycled fibres. It is said to be recyclable at end-of-life and fully biodegradable within 55 days.

Each pack comes in dimensions of 25x16x10 cm and grammages of 170g/m2 + 120g/m2 + 170g/m2, bearing 50 pcs per pack. It can be printed in green leaf signature writing.

Meanwhile, Releaf Wrapping Paper in Natural Kraft seeks to unlock a more sustainable gift-wrapping solution. Like the self-assembled box, it utilizes a combination of leafy and recycled fibres in pursuit of recyclability after its initial use and full biodegradability within 40-55 days.

Available at lengths of 200 metres in length and widths of 0.42 or 0.76 metres, the paper is applicable to a range or drawing and printing methods and can apparently be bent, twisted, cut, and folded up to 218 times. It can also be used with various adhesives, including PVA glue, hot melt, silicone, acrylic, and starch glue.

The paper comes in a grammage of 80g/m2 and a single-roll quantity.

Additionally, the Releaf Paper Notebook comes in an A5 size with 70 pages. It constitutes a recycled cardboard binding, paper made from fallen leaves, and a metal spring, with a grammage of 80g/m2 and a quantity of 1 pcs.

Like the packaging options, it is reported to be recyclable after use, fully biodegradable in 55 days, and compatible with a range of drawing and printing methods. It aims to offer a ‘green’ alternative to virgin paper.

“We’re thrilled to kick off 2024 with the introduction of these new eco-friendly products, setting the tone for a year of innovation and sustainable choices at Releaf Paper,” said Alexander Sobolenko, CEO and co-founder of Releaf Paper. “Make a green 2024 resolution, and unveil the pinnacle of sustainability with our eco-friendly notebook, expertly crafted from fallen leaves.

“This exceptional creation not only exemplifies innovation with its cutting-edge sustainable technology but also stands as a universal solution for those embracing a sustainable lifestyle, marrying functionality with environmental consciousness. As we proudly unveil the Releaf Self-Assembled Box, the Releaf Paper Notebook, and the Eco-friendly Releaf Wrapping Paper, we’re also excited to share that we are actively building our pilot production line.

“This year promises to be a journey of continuous improvement and customer-centric product development, ensuring that every Releaf Paper offering aligns seamlessly with your values and exceeds expectations.”

All three products are available for purchase via the Releaf website.

The news comes after Releaf Paper revealed its new Fallen Leaf and Natural Kraft collections late last year. These lines include recyclable, biodegradable bags and paper sheets made from paper and fallen leaves.

The company’s shopping bags made from fallen leaves were nominated for a Sustainability Award under the pre-commercialized Renewables category in 2023.

Back in 2022, the company was awarded $100,000 in funding and mentorship from Google as part of the Google for Startups Ukraine Support Fund, and launched its paper bags for the EU and UK markets with a dedicated webstore.

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