Tesco is replacing the plastic packaging for its own-brand pocket tissue multipacks with recyclable paper in hopes of saving over 55 million pieces of soft plastic.

Because pocket tissues are designed for use on the go, Tesco suggests that their packaging is more likely to end up in the environment at end-of-life. In response, the retailer is wrapping the individual packs and wrap-around packaging for its Gentle White and Balm tissues into FSC-certified paper packs.

It claims to be the first supermarket to make the transition for its own-brand pocket tissues. The move hopes to save almost 35 tonnes of new soft plastic from being produced every year.

“Unlike boxes of tissues, the pocket version tends to be used on the go and can all too easily become litter,” said Courtney Pallett, campaigns manager at Tesco. “The new paper packaging works just as well as the old plastic wrap but is more sustainable.”

A similar transition has been made by Sainsbury’s for its own-brand toilet paper and kitchen towel ranges. Meanwhile, Billerud has released a machine-glazed kraft paper to wrap toilet and kitchen paper rolls.

Tesco previously adopted clear caps for its own-brand milk in pursuit of home recyclability for the whole pack; the move aimed to stimulate the production of new milk bottles from recycled material by putting 3,9000 extra tons of recycled plastic back into the loop every year.

A study by Amcor also suggests that consumers are showing increased interest in own-brand products because of the sustainability claims on their packaging.

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