Colgate seeks to enhance its multiplatform educational materials and appeal to children and parents alike with an integrated brand system designed by Bluemarlin.

Aiming to entice children to brush their teeth at bedtime, the new branding is designed to turn oral care into ‘an enjoyable and informative part of every child’s routine’ from an early age. Characters from Colgate’s Smile O’Clock campaign break the ‘fourth wall’ to communicate directly with consumers.

Furthermore, the new branding anticipates the proficiency of both Millennial parents and Gen Alpha children with technology by integrating physical products with the digital world, both on- and off-pack.

The shift is expected to appeal to the toothpaste’s young end users and the parents purchasing the product, and hopes to establish Colgate as an oral care brand that ‘supports parents in looking after their children’s dental health’.

“We’ve made it easier for children from nought to nine and their parents to find the perfect products for their needs, clearly indicating age suitability and highlighting key benefits across the portfolio,” said Josh White, designer at Bluemarlin and leader of the packaging project. “We’ve developed a brand world that connects with characters from Colgate’s Smile O’Clock multiplatform educational campaign, which works to engage kids and reassure parents.

“Our approach allowed the characters to extend beyond the confines of traditional packaging, drawing consumers into their world and vice versa. The famous Colgate Smile brand mark has been used to great effect, too, framing the visual assets, and QR codes further enhance connectivity.”

Ihtiander Muggia, Colgate director Europe, added: “Bluemarlin’s brand development works perfectly with our wider digital world, helping us bring to life Colgate’s brand promise whilst helping kids and parents improve oral health habits.

“We looked to Bluemarlin to bridge the gap between parents and children, making oral hygiene a more enjoyable and less dreaded part of their daily routine. Bluemarlin has helped us create a unified, engaging brand world for parents and children, fostering a lifelong commitment to oral care.

“The creative team has captured the energy and vibrancy of our brand – essential for our target demographic.”

In related news, Tropicana has joined forces with STORMBRANDS to market Kids Smoothies to both kids and parents via updated branding and a new packaging system.

FutureBrand has also helped Nesquik adjust to the digital age and expand into new target demographics with a new brand identity revolving around its rabbit mascot, Quicky.

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