Asda has collaborated with STORMBRANDS to update its own-label pet food packaging with a ‘bold, playful look and feel’ designed to tap into consumers’ affection for their pets and increase their faith in own-brand options.

With the relaunch of the Hero dog food and Tiger cat food ranges, STORMBRANDS seeks to distinguish the two with ‘distinct and flexible’ elements while harmonizing their overall branding. Alongside efforts to ‘refresh and modernize’ the packaging, the agency has established packaging and brand guidelines, point-of-sale activation, and comms stimulus to tap into current consumer trends and increase engagement.

Asda hopes that the alterations will modernize their pet brands and increase their competitiveness with other options on the market, as well as aligning more closely with its brand purpose: ‘Providing brighter living within everyone’s reach.’

According to STORMBRANDS, consumer perceptions are shifting from ‘owning’ pets to becoming their ‘parents’. With this growing compassion for animals, the agency has foregrounded the expressions of cats and dogs at feeding time by printing photographs on the front face of the pack.

The animal mascots peer up from the corner of the packs to imitate a hungry pet squashing through tight spaces to get their food. This imagery is combined with a ‘soft and friendly marque’, an ‘emotive typeface’, and a ‘friendly, playful and reassuring tone of voice’ to reflect the tender emotions consumers feel for their pets and connect with buyers.

Softer brand colours have also been implemented in the hopes of appealing to younger consumers by modernizing the design. Consistent colour coding and life-stage signposting, as well as a clearer hierarchy of communication, are intended to simplify the brand, respond to consumers’ confusion when navigating pet food options, and encourage faith in own-brand ranges when compared to branded competitors.

“STORMBRANDS’ response to reposition and redesign our much-loved Tiger and Hero pet brands was spot on from the very beginning,” said Justine Jackson-Hickling, head of Own Brand Design at Asda. “The clarity of thinking and clear rationale they demonstrated throughout their work was invaluable, particularly given the complexity of the category and range.

“Their bold and brave thinking really pushed us to see the true potential of these much-loved brands. They have defined a strong, modern and relatable identity for Tiger and Hero that allows us to continue to build strength across our portfolio of own brands.”

Zoe Phillipson, creative director at STORMBRANDS, added: “We wanted to make sure this work delivers against what we’re famous for: energizing brands to move mindsets, markets and culture.

“We’re excited to see how the new range can change current consumer shopping habits and perceptions of own-label offerings by capturing ‘swing shoppers’ and creating a destination brand for Asda.”

In another collaboration, STORMBRANDS aimed to tailor Tropicana’s Kids Smoothies range to both children and their parents with updated branding and a new packaging system.

Other recent developments in pet food packaging include UPM Specialty Papersbarrier paper designed to phase out PFAS and plastics; and ProAmpac’s kerbside-recyclable, paper-based, self-opening sack bag for dry food.

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