In the midst of the ongoing Russian invasion, the Club Packagers of Ukraine has congratulated Ukrainian companies RPE Aventin LLC, Intpack, and VPC Vesna for their success in the World Packaging Organisation’s WorldStar competition in 2024 – receiving awards for their respective biodegradable pouch, chocolate and sweets box, and aroma diffuser and candle packaging. 

Five of the 435 packaging entries were from Ukrainian producers this year. Since the country started participating in the competition in 1998, 25 Ukrainian companies have won a WorldStar award, with 64 of the total 128 packaging samples presented in the last 26 years taking home a prize. 

RPE Aventin received its fourth WorldStar win this year. The Vyshhorod-based company produces stand-up pouches made from is made of 60g of kraft paper, 30μ BoPLA Nativia NTSS biopolymer film, BoPLA zip fasteners made from biopolymer material, and glue. All four materials are DIN 13432-certified. 

Reportedly, the pack completely decomposes into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass at end-of-life – a process facilitated by microbial consumption and digestion. At the same time, the pack is designed to protect the product it contains, and features a transparent window for product visibility, a notch for easy opening, and a zip fastener for resealability.  

Intpack is based in Odesa and is taking home its first WorldStar award. Its premium Show-Box packaging contains handmade chocolate and sweets under the Wander brand, and is described by the Club Packagers of Ukraine as ‘ecological, convenient and ergonomic’.  

Made from European binding cardboard and designer paper, the box is recyclable at end-of-life. Once opened, it ‘blooms’ into four faces. It can therefore be used as a decorative method to display and serve the product at events or in a consumer’s home, and doubles as a decorative set piece.  

Meanwhile, VPC Vesna, from Dnipro, received an award for its TM Ardema line. Its packaging for aroma diffusers and aroma candles consists of a single structure for two types of candles and a small jar, which is held in place by a dedicated insert; this feature is expected to save both cardboard and punch forms. 

The pack is praised for its ‘simplicity’ and is simultaneously described as ‘modern’ and ‘elegant’. Its single design is printed on an offset machine, while its labels display a range of product names and are therefore printed on self-adhesive paper in a digital machine. 

It combines a complex design and polygraphic solution with UV-paint printing on metallized cardboard, soft touch varnish, and congruous embossing. It uses slim technology to enhance the rigidity of its structure, and is apparently affordable to buy. As it is made from cellulose cardboard, it can also be recycled at end-of-life. 

Among the other, non-Ukrainian winners of this year’s competition are Mondi with its Hug&Hold shrink wrap alternative and ProtectorBag ExpandForm expandable paper bag; and Starpack’s lightweight, compact pyramid sweet box made of moisture-resistant, recyclable cardboard. 

Ukrainian company Releaf Paper was also nominated for a Sustainability Award last year. Chairman and general manager Alexander Sobolenko told us more about the company’s shopping bags made from fallen leaves, which were nominated under the pre-commercialized Renewables category. 

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