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DS Smith has received two Procter & Gamble Supplier Excellence Awards for its packaging solutions in the Baby Care and Fabric and Home Care categories – the first company to win multiple awards in the same year, it reports.

The biannual award is presented to suppliers that, in P&G’s view, “have gone above and beyond in delivering sustained value to our business and the consumers P&G serves”. Companies are nominated through key metrics of value and broad-based quantitative and qualitative evaluations from P&G employees.

Forty judges select ten winners from around the world, each considered an ‘integral part’ of the P&G Supplier Ecosystem. Apparently, P&G is the first ever supplier to win a P&G Excellence Award simultaneously in two categories, having met the judges’ criteria across the selection themes of Commercial, Operations, Innovation and Sustainability, and Citizenship.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for excellence in not just one, but two business categories for sustainable fibre-based packaging solutions for both Feminine & Baby Care as well as Fabric & Home Care, and by two different procurement organizations within P&G,” said Francesco van Westrenen, Global Customer Business Unit director, Packaging Division, DS Smith. “This is an unprecedented achievement and highlights the outstanding performance and commitment that our company has demonstrated across various aspects of our partnership and DS Smith is the only supplier to ever win simultaneously in two categories.

“Indeed, receiving this P&G Excellence Award is a significant milestone and a reflection of our team’s relentless efforts and dedication to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. It is a moment worth celebrating and acknowledging the collective achievements that have contributed to this success. We look forward to continued and future collaborations with P&G.”

DS Smith emphasizes its commitment to its company-wide purpose of Redefining Packaging for a Changing World, as well as its Now and Next sustainability strategy.

P&G has also shared its roadmap to lowering its own environmental footprints, as well as those of its consumers and the sectors it is active in. Its plans include improving recycled resin quality; increasing its implementation of recycled plastic; and licensing its VersoVita Circular Polymer Purification technology to global manufacturers.

Additionally, our panel of independent judges has announced the fifty finalists nominated for the final round this year’s Sustainability Awards; the innovations range between everything from alternatives to plastic packaging to artificial intelligence solutions.

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