Quadpack has developed Duetto Jar, a recyclable, mono-PP solution set to package matching pairs of skincare and beauty products.

Its name is derived from a duet, wherein two musicians take on roles of equal importance when performing a piece of music. This is connected to the pack’s double-chamber design, in which two 40ml compartments display two different creams in the same pack.

Made entirely of polypropylene, the jar claims to be compatible with most skincare formulas currently available on the market; it is intended to contain mask sets, day and night creams, travel essentials, and other beauty products that come in pairs.

Duetto Jar can also incorporate up to 44% PCR, which, in terms of Quadpack’s PIP (Positive-Impact Packaging) rating system, would achieve an Advanced level of sustainability. Quadpack also reports that LCAs have been conducted and suggest that the circularity index of the PCR PP version is three times higher than the virgin PP jar – also noting improvements in carbon footprint and water use.

Additionally, its ‘simple, minimalist, yet highly versatile’ design is intended to be adaptable to any brand image. Quadpack explains that the pack’s walls, chambers, shive, and cap are all compatible with decoration such as colour matching, spray-coating, hot-stamping, metallising, and silk-screening.

Previous developments from Quadpack include its New Regula Refill Jar, which is said to be both recyclable and made from mono-material components.

Similarly, Lumene’s Nordic Hydra Birch Dew Jelly skincare product is being packaged in a bottle made from Eastman Cristal One E Renew, a recyclable resin containing molecularly recycled content specifically designed for extrusion blow moulding; the material also claims to be recyclable in existing PET waste streams.

Texen and Chanel have also released refillable PET compacts for two of the latter’s foundation products in a bid to meet its sustainability targets while offering premium quality.

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