Quadpack’s full-wood, plastic-free Woodacity beauty packaging collection has reportedly expanded into a fully mono-material range and aims to offer a sustainable solution for the personal care and cosmetics industries.

The Woodacity range made its debut in 2021 with a range of closure systems designed for fragrance packs and made from sustainably sourced wood. Now it offers a range of easily dismantlable, refillable packaging options, including caps for monolayer or aluminium tubes, as well as bottles with a standard 24/410 neck.

Other additions to the range include the refillable Idol Woodacity Solo Twist Compact, which comes with wooden casing and a twist system expected to benefit both left- and right-handed consumers; and Woodacity Glass & Wood, which applied wooden caps to Quadpack’s Crystal Chorus jars and Skin-Up bottles with pumps.

Woodacity Legend features the patented Solo Twist system and comes as a refillable jar, with Iconic Woodacity utilises Aptar Beauty’s Iconic mechanism to form a full-wood, refillable lipstick case.

Every solution in the range is said to be tested in-house and made of wood sourced from sustainably managed European forests; optional PEFC or FSC certification is also available. They are designed, produced, assembled, and decorated at the Quadpack Wood factory in Spain, which claims to utilise renewable energy; a biomass boiler is also said to use production scrap to fuel temperature control and wood drying ovens.

Laser engraving, layering, charring, gold leaf appliqué, and other decoration options are apparently offered to brands as additional decoration to the unique grain pattern of each Woodacity component. Quadpack is now looking towards the development of new finishes for enhanced aesthetic modifications.

“We are very proud to have built a collection of Woodacity solutions for almost every packaging need over the past two years,” says Denisa Stircea, category lead at Quadpack. “Part of the motivation to create Woodacity was to optimise the end-of-life solution for wood as best as we could – and that is exactly what we have achieved.

“Woodacity is all-natural, non-toxic and looks 100% premium – it’s impossible not to fall in love with it! Plus, our original caps remain the best technology available for full-wood closure systems.”

In a recent collaboration with Pujolasos, The Body Shop unveiled a recyclable, glue-free cap made from ash wood and encased cork for its Full Flowers perfume range.

Holmen Iggesund and Yangi have also entered into a long-term agreement to produce biobased and renewable materials for use in the beauty and cosmetics industry. They hope to phase out rigid plastics in refills, inserts, and testers.

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