Mondi has provided Angulas Aguinaga with recyclable, paper-based secondary packaging for its Krissia brand chilled surimi sticks in the hopes of reducing its plastic content and increasing its recyclability.

Replacing the previous multi-material plastic solution, the new packaging is made of Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper, a flexible packaging solution thought to resist water vapour and moisture. It is said to be manufactured using responsibly sourced, renewable, and certified materials, and claims to feature a tear-resistant kraft base paper to ensure that the packaging is fully sealable and protects the product within.

The packaging as a whole is reportedly compatible with existing paper recycling streams in Spain, and its application to Angulas Aguinaga products is expected to save up to 20 tonnes of plastic each year.

“By working closely with the Krissia team and looking into the entire journey of the product, we have been able to ensure the surimi sticks are packed in recyclable packaging that supports a circular economy, keeping valuable materials in the loop,” says Jordi Gorchs, regional manager France & Southern Europe, Consumer Flexibles, Mondi. “We took the time to focus on the needs of the product first before optimising our FunctionalBarrier Paper to provide a responsible, recyclable replacement to the previous plastic alternative.”

“We are committed to creating innovative solutions in the food industry that solve real consumer needs,” adds Mikel Grande, Angulas Aguinaga’s Marketing and Innovation manager. “In this context, switching our product packaging to materials that come from renewable resources is a must: it is our responsibility to offer solutions to our consumers, whose preferences have shifted towards paper-based packaging.

“This new solution significantly replaces unnecessary plastic while assuring the quality of our Krissia surimi sticks.”

Iceland has adopted a similar solution in its partnership with Parkside to implement a recyclable paper pouch to package its frozen seafood range over its original LDPE packaging. The pouch is said to contain water-based coatings that break down during the re-pulping process.

Walki’s paper-based EVO Seal and Opti Seal solutions are also intended to serve as pillow pouches for frozen foods such as seafood, vegetables, and bakery products, amongst other uses. Its own dispersion coating and minimised PE coating are claimed to make it recyclable in existing paper streams without the need for separation.