Estathe 28.06.24

Estathé, an Italian tea beverage produced by Ferrero Group, has partnered with Crown to launch its summer promotion in ‘infinitely recyclable’ aluminium cans.

Introduced in a 330ml ‘Sleek’ format with optimized weight, the marketing campaign depicts a cast of beach characters the company believes consumers are likely to have interacted with, and asks: “and you, what beach type are you?”. Estathé has collaborated with Crown’s beverage team in EMEA to produce the cans locally in Parma, Italy. 

To print eight different character variations, Crown utilized its Colorful Accents technology, which it says allows four unique designs to be produced in the same printing run. This process seeks to enable brands to create pallets with a mix of designs. 

Crown also implemented its HQP (High-Quality Print) technology for Ferrero’s design graphics on each can. Using high-resolution printing plates to improve print quality and dot separation, Crown says the technology brings shades of colours, creates depth and adds vibrancy to each design, aiming to enhance contrasts and shadows. The designs are all completed with a matte finish. 

The partnership between Crown and Ferrero leverages a reportedly ‘sustainable’ container that hopes to support the circular economy, thanks to aluminium’s ability to be endlessly recycled. By launching the new product line in cans this April, Crown and Ferrero aim to offer consumers in Italy the opportunity to collect each character featured on the cans, while also utilizing a responsible package. 

In related news, a report by Metal Packaging Europe and European Aluminium, published in February, stated the overall recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans in the EU, UK, Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland reached a ‘record level’ of 76% in 2021. The 3.2% increase apparently brought the total amount of aluminium recycled from cans up to 570,000 tonnes – a 60,000-tonne increase from 2020. 

The Coca-Cola Company rolled out 12-oz. aluminium cans for its Glacéau smartwater brand in April, featuring a new visual design. The company hopes to address consumer’s environmental concerns while ensuring convenient consumption in the spring and summer months. 

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