The Coca-Cola Company’s Glacéau smartwater brand is releasing 12-oz. aluminium cans with a new visual design, aspiring to tap into consumers’ environmental concerns while ensuring convenient consumption in the spring and summer months.

The new cans are designed to be ‘sleek’ and ‘elegant’, carrying over the colour palette from their bottle packaging and matching each other with their silver drop designs. Different background colours distinguish each variety – royal blue for original smartwater and black for alkaline with antioxidant.

By utilizing aluminium cans, the brand aims to tap into an increasing consumer interest in non-plastic, sustainability-minded packaging designs without compromising on convenience.

Initially, smartwater original and smartwater alkaline with antioxidant will be sold in single 12-oz. cans and 8-packs across the United States. It will be the first vapour-distilled water to be sold in an individual can, the company claims.

A creative campaign will commence in early May to advertise the new packaging. Key visuals will be displayed across out-of-home, radio, and social/digital media, including close-up images of the new cans and copy such as “taste & style”, “oh that’s smart”, and “still smart, just canned”.

Signs will also be displayed in stores to encourage consumers to “crack, sip, refresh”.

“smartwater has been dedicated to anticipating consumer needs and trends in hydration since first launching our vapour-distilled water in 1996,” said Tiphanie Maronta, senior director of Brand Marketing. “We are always looking for smarter hydration solutions.”

Sadie Ellison, senior brand manager at smartwater, continued: “As the leading premium water brand, we have a responsibility to constantly iterate, improve and meet consumers where they are. Today, that means ensuring we’re in a package that fits shifting trends as we head into the spring and summer seasons of socializing.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure the cans would stand out on shelf while fitting seamlessly into our iconic smartwater trademark visual identity system. We looked at a few different versions to get the cans just right before ultimately landing on a fully dipped look, swapping the colour drop for an inverse revealing the cans’ metallic finish.”

Glacéau smartwater is owned by Energy Brands, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company.

Recently, water brand Sansu teamed up with TotalEnergies Corbion to pursue a water bottle made of 100% Luminy PLA bioplastic; this includes embossing the drink’s label. It is hoped that creating a mono-material pack will streamline the recycling process.

Other beverage companies have joined smartwater in transitioning into aluminium packaging, especially in the travel sector. Diageo’s Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur will be sold in 70cl aluminium bottles, designed to be five times lighter than glass and reduce carbon by 44%, at select airports; and Sustainaholics’ full range of spirits will be available in 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium bottles on select easyJet flights.

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