Eurosyn 08.07.24

Specialty chemical distributor Eurosyn aims to offer Italian customers access to ‘high-quality raw materials and innovative solutions’ by partnering with the Chemicals division of hubergroup, which specializes in raw material production for industrial coatings and printer inks, and flexible food packaging adhesives.

hubergroup also develops, scales and manufactures customized solutions for the chemical industry. Its Chemicals Division operates two production plants in India, with its manufacturing including UV-curable oligomers, polyurethane resins and modified rosin resins.

The two companies are said to share a commitment to ‘excellence and customer-centricity’, with both companies hoping to provide ‘cutting-edge’ solutions for customers’ printing ink and coating needs.

“Eurosyn is the ideal partner for us to bring our resins, colourants, and additives to the Italian market,” emphasized Angela Stark, technical marketing manager, and Eike Weckel, director of Business Development Europe from hubergroup Chemicals. 

“Their long-standing presence in the market, coupled with technical expertise, allows us to jointly offer an attractive package to our customers. We recently conducted a joint workshop with the Eurosyn team, where we discussed and clarified all questions regarding our product portfolio. This collaboration ensures we are well-prepared for a successful market launch.” 

In related news, Estathé, an Italian tea beverage produced by Ferrero Group, recently teamed up with Crown to launch its summer promotion in ‘infinitely recyclable’ aluminium cans. To print eight different character variations, Crown utilized its Colorful Accents technology, which it says allows four unique designs to be produced in the same printing run. 

Saica Group and Mondelēz joined forces last month to launch a new paper-based product targeting multipack products for the confectionery, biscuits and chocolate markets, designed to be recyclable in the paper waste stream. The product is said to be suitable for the heat-sealable packing process and can be produced coated or uncoated. 

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