Sustainaholics 22.03.24

In a new collaboration, Sustainaholics’ full range of spirits will be available in 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminium bottles on select easyJet flights. 

The spirits will be served in Sustainaholics’ Alumini bottles made from 100% PCR aluminium. The company says that, as it is made with recycled aluminium at the end of its current lifecycle, it is different to newly extracted virgin aluminium, making it a low carbon choice. 

The company adds that the bottles are less than half the weight of glass and the compact shape enables airlines to fit more bottles into restricted on-board spaces. The concept launched on March 20th on board easyJet’s UK A321 fleet. 

Sustainaholics says the brands included on these selected easyJet flights are: Two Drifters, a carbon negative rum made in Devon; Penrhos Spirits, small-batch gins distilled in Herefordshire; Ellers Farm Distillery, a Yorkshire business making its own spirit alcohol; and Wildjac, an independent distillery using naturally foraged and ethically sourced ingredients. 

Penrhos will also be available on board in its 70cl 100% recycled aluminium bottle, whilst Wildjac will be available in its 70cl frugalpac bottle. Both bottles are reportedly 90% lighter than glass, reducing the carbon footprint associated with being stocked and sold on board. 

Sustainaholics founder David Mills commented: “we have the best possible launch airline in our mission to promote more travel friendly solutions and showcase the innovation being delivered the UK spirits industry today by independent challenger brands committed to producing great tasting drinks that minimise our impact on the planet.” 

Simon Cox, director of inflight retail at easyJet, said: “we are delighted to be offering our customers even more choice and variety as we welcome a variety of UK-based spirits affiliated with Sustainaholics to our drinks trolley, while collaborating with a brand that aligns with our approach when it comes to sustainability and innovation”. 

In related news, Baileys will soon be offering lighter aluminium bottles at international airports. 70cl aluminium bottles of Diageo’s Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur – said to be five times lighter than the glass alternative and facilitate a 44% carbon reduction – will soon be available to international travellers at select airports. 

Aluminium Deutschland recently expressed its ‘cautious’ optimism for the industry’s progress in 2024 amidst high energy prices and skilled labour shortages, with tube and aerosol can deliveries to Germany increasing by respective figures of 4% and 0.5% between 2022 and 2023. A total of 796 million aluminium tubes and 575 million aluminium aerosol cans were delivered to Germany in 2023. 

Last year, a new initiative was launched by the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) with a focus on transparent and public tracking of its member companies’ intention to reduce, and developments in the reduction of, greenhouse gas emissions. The initiative was introduced at COP 28, or the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference, in Dubai. Member companies will have their ambition and progress surrounding greenhouse gas emissions tracked and reported, and the total global greenhouse gas emissions of the aluminium industry will also be reported on a public and annual basis.

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