In this webinar, you will learn more about the technology behind clear-looking, peelable and reclosable food trays. You will find out about ovenable tray lids as well as extrudable anti-fog sealing solutions through in-depth case studies, technical analysis and marketing insights.

Learning objectives:

-Explore the reclosing technology for top sealed food trays

-Simplify recycling and reduce food waste with mono-PET peelable & reclosable trays

-Learn from the case study of an ovenable tray lid made with co-polyester sealing resin

-Meet customers' new consumption habits with extrudable anti-fog sealing resins for lids designed to seal on mono-material PET trays

Meet the speakers:

Wladimir Moraes, Global Market Manager – Flexible Packaging

With over 25 years experience in BtoB involving plastics, bioplastics, chemicals and renewable chemicals, Wladimir Moraes brought his entrepreneurial approach to Bostik when he joined the company in 2018. He is able to understand both the market drivers and the impact of technical restrictions on business strategies. Wladimir firmly believes in partnerships along the value chain for innovation and value creation.

Jean-François Le Cam, Global Market Development Manager

With over 30 years experience in adhesives for flexible packaging, Jean-François Le Cam has extensive market and product knowledge. His experience ranges from product development and key account management to global market development management. Jean-François is currently bringing his expertise to the flexible packaging market.

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