Thermoforming packaging specialist Waddington Europe, a division of Novolex, is augmenting its TamperVisible range of protective packaging products to include a hot fill option.        

The TamperVisible range of products is designed for consumer peace of mind, reassuring the end-user that the food inside is safe. A snap mechanism on the corner of the pack must physically be broken to access the lid opening, making an attempt to open the package visible to a consumer.

The solution can withstand temperatures of up to 185 F° (85°C), making it a packaging option for sauces, soups, noodles, pate, ready meals, and desserts such as steamed puddings, while also being microwavable. 

Made partially from high clarity rPET (recycled PET), the company says that its hot fill line offers superior shelf appeal and a clearer view of the contents, unlike thicker polypropylene and crystallized PET (cPET) hot fill containers, which are typically opaque. 

TamperVisible Hot Fill is available in four recycled content blends, from a minimum of 30% to Waddington Europe's full Eco Blend 100 packaging made from 100% recycled content.

"Our new TamperVisible Hot Fill line makes no trade-offs — we combine food safety and hot-packaging performance with recycled materials made for the circular economy," says Eduardo Gomes, managing director at Waddington Europe.

"Our in-house innovation team was tasked with providing a more convenient and sustainable option for the food and retail sectors, and they answered the call." 

The solution is RecyCLASS end-of-life grade A, which means it can be recycled back into bottle grade flake, and is also compliant with the new UK plastic tax, due to commence in April 2022.