Walki and TPLC 28.06.23

Walki Group has invested in Finnish start-up The Paper Lid Company (TPLC) which has reportedly developed a method of manufacturing recyclable paper lids.

TPLC’s paper lid manufacturing site in Masku, Finland, is aiming to scale up production volumes supported by Walki’s material conversion and printing.

Targeting end users of hot and cold cup lids looking for alternatives to replace single-use plastic lids, TPLC has apparently developed a way of manufacturing recyclable paper lids. Walki says that TPLC’s lid fits firmly to the cup, can be custom printed and the raw material for the lids is produced with dispersion coating technology which makes the lid recyclable in paper waste streams.

Walki’s startup investment initiative Walki Ventures has invested in TPLC and established a partnership to assist the start-up in implementing the founders’ growth plan. Walki says it will support TPLC in areas including development of recyclable raw material for the lids and printing services for custom and single-colour printed lids.

Earlier this year Tim Hortons announced a trial of fibre lids as an alternative to its single-use plastic lids for hot beverages, and in April Burger King implemented reusable cups at locations in Germany using a deposit return scheme.

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