TekniPlex Consumer Products has launched a range of 100% PET Processor Trays with a proprietary sealing technology for more efficient transport, aimed a high-end poultry packaging applications.

According to TekniPlex, the new trays contain up to 50% post-industrial recycled content while being mono-material PET. The company adds that the trays are recyclable.

TekniPlex says that the trays are designed to survive the rigours of the case-ready environment, especially for challenging applications in the poultry industry, such as higher-end products like those labelled as organic, non-GMO, or sustainably sourced.

The trays are reportedly shatter-resistant even in harsh, cold environments, helping to reduce breakage, product loss, leaks, and the risk of safety recalls. TekniPlex adds that during a year-long production campaign with a poultry processor, the trays showed no signs of cracking or breakage throughout the supply chain.

In addition, TekniPlex explains that its trays utilise a proprietary technique called Hidden Rim Technology, which prevents the overwrap film from tearing and offers freight and shipping efficiencies. The trays also pack denser, which means customers can increase shipping volume per truck and reduce the number of trips needed, according to the company.

In the same year-long trial with a poultry processor, the rim technology allegedly yielded a 30% reduction in the number of worker hours needed to unload trucks.

TekniPlex adds that the Processor Trays act as a drop-in replacement for foam polystyrene trays, without the need for customers to update existing equipment or alter production processes.

The trays are available in clear (natural), translucent colours, and opaque colours. Clear and translucent trays are accepted into the recycling streams of many material recovery facilities, the company claims.

Jay Arnold, vice president and general manager at TekniPlex, comments: “We are continuing to expand our overall material and product offerings to include more eco-minded solutions as our customers and their commitment to sustainability continue to drive industry-wide change.

“PET is the most widely recycled and favorably viewed plastic in the eyes of the public, making it a great option to help our customers meet their goals.

“Our customers are looking for certain characteristics in next-generation solutions for the fresh foods industry. As their needs evolve, and consumer preferences shift, we’re excited to offer more solutions that align with our customers’ business goals for quality, efficiency, and more.

“The cube advantage can provide fuel, cost, and time savings to customers while reducing the number of trucks on the road and freeing up valuable warehouse square footage at a time when real estate space is at a premium.”

Earlier this year, TekniPlex expanded its product line with foam polypropylene (PP) processor trays for fresh food products such as meat and poultry.