A new series of recyclable, paper-based induction heat seal liners from TekniPlex Consumer Products is designed to seal dry pharma, nutrition, and food products in bottles and jars with the same protective properties as conventional solutions.

The ProTecSeals Recyclable IHS Liners consist of paper made from tree pulp and are recyclable wherever paper recycling streams are available. They are said to offer moisture and oxygen barrier properties, resist leaks, prevent contamination, and prolong shelf life to the same standard as traditional IHS liners.

Recycling instructions are typically printed onto the liner, although this can be complemented or replaced with brand messaging. Customers can also implement tamper evidence features to enhance product security.

Compatible with conventional induction heat sealing equipment, the ProTecSeals range can be applied to glass, PET, polyethylene, polypropylene, and a variety of other substrates commonly used in containers. It is hoped that their utilization will counteract product waste and unlock complete recyclability for whole packages – thus bringing its customers closer to their sustainability goals.

“ProTecSeals liners are a 100% recyclable solution offering the same protective properties and peace of mind as conventional induction seal liners, and without requiring investment or upgrades to traditional heat sealing equipment,” said Eldon Schaffer, CEO of TekniPlex Consumer Products. They exemplify TekniPlex’s ‘Sustainability And’ philosophy, which aims to bolster eco-friendliness without sacrificing product performance – and often even enhancing it.”

The liners are set to be applied to packaging for non-reactive, non-acidic dry products like vitamins, supplements, protein powders, and peanut butter.

In a previous development, TekniPlex Consumer Products unveiled a range of Peel n Pour dispensing liners with a peel tab design set to package a range of liquid, powder, and solid products, cut down production costs, and simplify sourcing demands.

Other sealing products have been released by Securikett in recent years. The company’s IT’S PAPER series of paper-based security labels was the winner of a WorldStar Packaging Award last year; and, in 2024, Securikett has revealed a new security seal made of paper, designed to protect cardboard packaging against a range of tampering methods while contributing to a circular economy.

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