Securikett has unveiled a new security seal made of paper, designed to protect cardboard packaging against a range of tampering methods while contributing to a circular economy.

Its Wash VOID function is triggered when an attempt is made to remove the label, displaying text that reads ‘TAMPERED’. Removal attempts involving heat will cause parts of the label to turn orange, while attempts involving colder temperatures will cause the label to turn blue.

These adjustments are intended to inform consumers if a pack has been tampered with while also ensuring that the seal is recyclable at end-of-life.

“The latest member of our IT’S PAPER family has a striking hologram for authentication and a pronounced opening effect,” says Vanessa Mitterer, Msc, head of Research and Development at Securikett. “Temperature indicators and the integrated WashVOID feature give this label an extra level of security.

“Our security labels can be customized in terms of size, shape, colour, and design of the opening effect. This means that not only characters and texts, but also company logos can be integrated into the effect. The label also offers the option of customizing heat and cold indications as desired.”

Previous developments by Securikett include its application of HighContrast technology to security closure labels to prevent illegal product refills. When a screw cap or hinged closure is opened, the label is destroyed across its integrated punching to ensure that it cannot be stuck back down or reused.

On the other hand, Linksmart’s reusable security seals reached the finals of the Sustainability Awards 2023 under the E-commerce category. Based on non-destructive tamper-evident technology, they are expected to save an average-sized logistic firm 500 tons of single-use virgin plastic, 900 tons of CO2, and US$2 million in costs for further seal manufacturing.

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