Evertis has launched its Evercare brand of medical-grade films with recycled, recyclable, and biobased contributions – a move expected to upgrade packaging performance, enhance sustainability, and comply with regulations in the healthcare industry.

According to Evertis, its Evercare PET and PETG drop-in solutions are more environmentally beneficial and perform to a higher standard than other materials. The films are designed to improve mechanical and optical properties and increase resistance to sterilization in thermoforming applications.

Additionally, the PET-based solutions are reported to be plug-and-play, offering recyclable, biobased, and chemically recycled materials with up to 50% post-consumer recycled content. Each takes advantage of Evertis’ vertical integration with copolyester resin supplier Selenis, said to achieve matching quality and regulatory standards and lower customers’ carbon footprints.

They are also reported to adhere to such declarations as ISO10993, USP661.1, and ISO11607, complying with GMP standards and supporting regulatory compliance needs.

“This is another key milestone in the journey of our Group of businesses,” said Gonzalo Lopez-Oleaga, deputy CEO of Evertis Europe. “As innovators and thought leaders in polyester-based materials we are now positioned to help healthcare companies meet their sustainability packaging goals, now, and into the future.

“Behind Evercare we have made large investments operationally, in technology and most importantly GMP manufacturing supported by full certifications to service this market.”

“It’s an exciting and unique offering for the healthcare market,” added Casimiro Sacchetti, CSO Evertis Americas. “It’s the coming together of experience, deep technical knowledge underpinned by a truly integrated, vertical operational set-up from resin production to extrusion of medical-grade films. With the innovative Evercare film range we are actively supporting the move of our medical and pharma customers towards safe and ecofriendly packaging solutions.”

At last year’s COMPAMED show in Düsseldorf, Coveris displayed various flexible and recyclable medical packaging solutions; the lineup sought to keep the safety and functionality of conventional materials while reducing both packaging and product waste.

In other news, Amcor set its sights on all-film packaging for medical products with its mono-PE laminate. Said to be recyclable in the polyethylene stream, it claims to reduce the carbon footprint of a pack without compromising patient safety.

Additionally, a moisture-adsorbing flexible packaging solution from Aptar CSP Technologies and ProAmpac intends to protect and improve the performance of sensitive medical products. The solution stems from a combination of Aptar’s active material science solution and ProAmpac’s flexible blown film technology.

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