Sihl is set to launch what it says is the first inkjet film based on 90% post-consumer recycled BOPET.

The company says that its new innovation offers identical product benefits to its non-PCR counterparts, and is ideally suited for razor-sharp product labels in print on demand. In addition to it being a resource-saving grade with reduced weight, the company views this announcement as another step towards a “green” range.

7054 PICOFILM CPr-50 gloss IHG1 is a transparent FACESTOCK film that has been designed for the production of product labels. The front side has a glossy coating for variable information printing with water-based inkjet, and is suitable for both dye and pigment inks.

According to Sihl, the product has the same mechanical properties as its non-PCR grades (7858/7852), so it is easy to process, while offering identical benefits: fast drying, with high colour brilliance, sharp-edged prints and good water resistance. The total weight of this film has also been reduced: this reportedly means more labels per roll and thus higher productivity.

It is the view of the company that its FACESTOCK coatings combined with print-on-demand printing technology make it easier and more affordable to produce exactly the amount of labels needed while meeting customers’ personalisation requirements. In turn, it says that this reduces waste and CO2 emissions “enormously.”