Robinson Packaging has collaborated with Holdsworth Chocolates to design seasonal packaging for John Lewis’ Christmas confectionery range, including rigid boxes, sleeves, and treat bags – all claimed to be 100% recyclable.

The 200g and 400g boxes and lids are being produced on Robinson’s newly acquired rigid box line, which utilises SATE machinery in a move that the company believes will improve its production process and the quality of the resultant packaging. It is also believed to facilitate fixed production costs, consistency, and reliability.

Holdsworth Chocolates’ ‘planet pledge’ states that Robinson has been its ‘long-term paper board partner’ for over a decade, with the twelve-mile proximity between its manufacturing plant and Holdsworth’s factory said to reduce transportation times and carbon emissions.

The pledge goes on to claim that ‘much’ of the company’s packaging is produced using 100% post-consumer recycled material; that the clear viewing windows implemented into certain packaging designs are produced using recycled water bottles from the UK; and that Holdsworth is currently in the process of ensuring that all its packaging displays the correct recyclability statements to ensure that it is disposed of appropriately.

Robinson’s own sustainability pledge seeks to reduce virgin plastics by 10% by 2025, as well as maximising recycled content and ensuring that all its products are recyclable by 2022.

David Sharples, managing director at Holdsworth Chocolates, said: “Whenever we produce packaging, including for special celebrations such as Christmas, we aim to make sure all the materials we use are sustainable and can be recycled.

“Sustainable packaging is a collective goal for both Robinson and Holdsworth. Our brand was developed on a passion for creating beautiful hand-crafted chocolates, using the finest of everything; that’s why it is so important that we invest in high quality sustainable packaging that reflects our values too.

“The packaging has been printed using six colours and is completed with foil blocking; the perfect finishing touch to add a stunning and luxurious feel to the design. As the Christmas packaging was only needed in limited quantity, Robinson provided a small bespoke run for Holdsworth’s needs, making them the perfect packaging partner.”

The announcement comes in light of various other Christmas-themed packaging lines aiming for sustainability this year, including Fazer’s new advent calendar made from Metsä Board’s dispersion-coated paperboard – a redesign hoped to reduce 1200kg of plastic every year in comparison to its previous PE design.

Similarly, STI Group’s fibre-based advent calendars – designed for Unilever’s Dove and Axe brands – are also thought to be 100% recyclable, replacing traditionally plastic elements with FSC-certified materials. One design features a paper fibre inlay produced by PAPACKS in place of a plastic tray.

Meanwhile, the packaging for Mars Wrigley’s Celebrations chocolates has undergone a rebrand in a bid to boost the product’s popularity amongst consumers throughout the year, rather than limiting its appeal to the Christmas period.