ProAmpac is launching a multi-wall, paper-based self-opening-sack bag – certified for curbside recycling and geared towards dry pet food applications – as part of its patent-pending PRO-EVO Recyclable platforms.

With high moisture barrier versions of the pack also available, the PRO-EVO Recyclable bag reportedly avoids the addition of PFAS while providing edge-wicking and grease-resistance and aspiring to maintain the freshness of dry pet food products.

“Petfood brands want recyclable paper-based packaging solutions,” says Ben Davis, product manager at ProAmpac. “The PRO-EVO Recyclable platform fulfills ProAmpac’s promise to deliver more recyclable packaging solutions without sacrificing end-use performance and filling line efficiency.”

“PRO-EVO Recyclable offers excellent shelf presence and a robust structure with high drop resistance,” adds Hesam Tabatabaei, senior vice president of global product development and innovation. “These patent-pending technologies are engineered to have various moisture barrier levels, excellent organoleptic properties for pet food applications, and run-at-rate on the standard filling equipment.”

Sabic reached the finals of the Sustainability Awards 2022 with its certified circular polypropylene, which it was applying to the SHEBA wet cat food brand.

Last year also saw various brands collaborate in a bid to create more sustainable pet food packaging. Coveris and Ultra Premium Direct produced recyclable, mono-material polyethylene bags for the PROTEIN BOOST pet food product range, while Dow, Windmöller & Hölscher, and B&B produced a wide-format MDO-PE bag for use in pet food packaging.