Prowrap has implemented a patented sheathed safety blade, antimicrobial technology, and compatibility with recyclable film into two new models of its Speedwrap Pro dispenser – aiming for a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable wrapping process.

The Pro 450 dispenser is a larger model, with the Pro 300 also available as a compact variant. Both were launched at the International Salon Culinaire, where Prowrap was the official wrapping partner.

Alongside the dispensers, a range of standard and recyclable films, baking parchment, and recycled content foils were unveiled. Designed especially for the Speedwrap Pro models, they are reported to negate the need for a traditional plastic locator, thus cutting down on the plastic waste generated in kitchens.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more successful launch,” says Bryony Barlow, commercial director at Prowrap. “The opportunity to launch our dispenser at such a historic event, surrounded by some of the biggest and brightest names in the culinary world was exciting for us. We got to put the Speedwrap Pro through its paces at the highest possible level, and we’re thrilled with the feedback we received.

“Cutting food waste and material waste are both vital goals for today’s foodservice sector. The Speedwrap Pro and its range of compatible foils, films, and parchments will help any kitchen run more efficiently in order to meet its sustainability goals.”

Back in 2021, Protega Global responded to the boom in e-commerce with its Hexcel Dispenser Bench, which separates, wraps, and tears off Hexcel paper wrap through a roller system. The solution sought to save time and streamline production, saving operators from having to cross the shop floor to retrieve bubble wrap.

The following year, Novolex brand Hilex utilized a compact dispenser that helped consumers take one of its RollStar EZ Open Produce Bags at a time – aiming to ensure that only the necessary number of bags are used and cut down on packaging waste.

More recently, Robopac Machinery displayed a range of stretch film wrapping solutions for the fruit and vegetable market at Fruit Logistica; and Hugo Beck showcased film and paper wrapping machinery for the e-commerce and product transportation sectors at LogiMAT 2024.

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