At Fruit Logistica, Robopac Machinery will display five stretch film wrapping solutions for the fruit and vegetable market, including a shrink-wrapping machine, a compact automatic rotary table, and a series of side-driving taping machines.

This year’s Fruit Logistica event sets its sights on the latest trends and developments in the sustainable supply chain, and Robopac Machinery intends to supply solutions and technologies that lower impact across the production chain while also enhancing efficiency.

Robot S7 is a self-propelled machine designed to wrap and stabilize palletized loads in a range of shapes, sizes, and weights. It comes with an independent dual-motor pre-stretch carriage and film utilization control, which is set to ensure low consumption of both materials and energy.

Meanwhile, the Combitech 5845 shrink-wrapping machine is set to package a range of products. Reportedly, it provides precision, versatility, practicality, and safety during operations, which in turn ensure its competitive advantage and production adaptability.

The Masterwrap HD Plus XL is a semi-automatic wrapping machine with a rotary arm. Intended to stabilize particularly unstable loads, the machine seeks to protect packaging during transport.

The Robotape M family features side-driving taping machines for closing fixed-format cases – an intelligent solution set to close and seal packaging.

Additionally, the Rotoplat 308 LP is an automatic rotary table for wrapping products in a vertical position with stretch film and a thin base. In a bid to save floor space, its new ramps have reduced dimensions; the machine is designed to benefit loading operations and avoid accidental collisions with the forks of a forklift.

Fruit Logistica 2024 will take place on 7-9th February at Messe Berlin.

At last year’s event, Newtec showcased its LASER FLOWPACK700 laser welding machine for ultra-thin film, expected to package fruits, vegetables, and other products.

Since then, MULTIVAC has launched a new Pouch Loader for chamber belt machines, which is said to improve the efficiency, hygiene, ergonomics, and overall performance of a film pouch’s filling and loading process.

Another development in flexible packaging machinery saw Volpak and Watttron form a strategic partnership to integrate intelligent digital sealing technology into horizontal pouching machinery in pursuit of precise, efficient, and sustainable flexible packaging processes.

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