Sidel has introduced its RoboAccess_Pal S palletising unit, which combines cobotic and robotic technology in the hopes of providing an agile, operable, and compact alternative to manual operations for the food, home, and personal care sectors.

The all-in-one solution aims to meet the growing demand for compact and affordable cells with its less than 12m2 footprint for two stations with a pallet height of 1700mm; a typical one- or two-year return on investment; and a higher case payload and speed for demanding lines at a reported twelve cycles per minute.

RoboAccess_Pal S will also provide a lightweighted carbon fibre and 3D-printed clamping head to deliver higher payload capacity and reduce its footprint while handling a variety of secondary packaging. Its patented folding guarding system is set to ensure that the machine maintains its plug-and-play capabilities, while its patented mobile physical curtain apparently ensures that operators are protected during pallet supply and removal.

“We have designed RoboAccess_Pal S to deliver a solution which offers the best of both the robotic and cobotic worlds, addressing the needs of our customers across a wide range of applications and market categories,” said Fabien Chiron, innovation manager for Palletising Product Line. “With more than 1,300 robotic palletising installations worldwide, Sidel has also led the implementation of collaborative robotics since 2011. We have built from this combined expertise to deliver an innovative mixed result as well as additional brand new features.”

ABB’s SWIFTI CRB 1300 industrial collaborative robot features palletising pick-and-place and an expanded load-handling capacity of up to 11kg in an effort to bridge the gap between industrial and collaborative robots. Its five axis Delta robot is also expected to increase the speed and efficiency of packaging lightweight products on factory lines.

Meanwhile, SICK’s Smart Box Detection system for its deTec4 Safety Light Curtain is intended to protect operators and provide a continual and efficient output on packaging lines.