Butterfly Cannon has launched a new campaign for Laphroaig’s Scotch Whisky, hoping to enhance the storytelling elements of its gifting strategy and encourage consumers to buy Islay single malts as presents.

The new campaign is inspired by the line of green wellie boots lined up in the boat room of the visitor centre at Laphroaig’s distillery. These are reserved for the ‘Friends of Laphroaig’ community, who are given the opportunity to claim a piece of Islay land and are loaned a pair of wellies to walk to their plot.

Butterfly Cannon was inspired by this ‘overt symbol of Laphroaig’s connection with their land’ and took note of the boots’ flexible rubber, fold-over top, adjustable buckle, and sturdy tread. It combined these features with Laphroaig’s signature green colour, logo lockup, and an ‘L’ pattern on the tread of the boot to produce the new, boot-shaped pack.

It is designed for reuse as an outdoor container for such items as camping gear, art supplies, water bottles, or other Laphroaig bottles. As such, it features a side strap for easy carrying and is built for durability.

Key visuals, social media posts, copy, and pop-up concepts have also featured the tagline ‘Give Them Some Wellie’ to convey the pack’s purpose as a gift box, its reusability, and the brand’s friendly persona.

Bacardi took a different approach late last year and reduced the number of cardboard gift boxes used for its brands; the move sought to save 100 tons of cardboard consumption in the initiative’s first year.

On the other hand, James Cropper aims to capture a premium aesthetic for Bruichladdich’s Luxury Redefined range while enhancing the sustainability of its packaging by developing a fully recyclable paper pulp outer wrap for its single malt Scotch whisky bottles.

In another brand design collaboration, Sensodyne’s new Clinical White tooth whitening product has adopted a new design strategy from Marks. Alongside a new campaign and digital assets, the product is now sold in new vertical packaging with a premium print finish.

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