International Paper has announced the availability of OHMEGA® Conductive Ink + Touchcode™, its latest technology that it says provides a ‘new dimension’ in brand protection to the packaging industry.

The product features a physical card on corrugated packaging which contains a code allowing consumers to unlock an experience designed by the brand. The ink, which is described as ‘eco-friendly’, uses electricity in the human body as its primary power source, conducting the ink to unlock a unique interaction on customers’ touchscreen devices.

This connective packaging solution can be accessed by the end user with three simple steps: First, a unique code is printed on a customer’s package using OHMEGA™ Conductive Ink: next the end-user visits the associated website or app on their device; finally they touch the code facedown onto the screen to unlock exclusive digital content.

The benefits of the new ink technology include the use of ‘eco-friendly’ ink and corrugated packaging to meet sustainability goals; quick and easy activation through the end user’s phone’s browser, without the need for a camera or separate app; and a safe and secure platform that minimizes risk of spoofing, phishing, or counterfeiting, according to International Paper.

“The role of packaging in customer experience is increasingly valued by brands. There is also a need for greater security due to looming risk and growing costs of cyber threats,” said Katie Diley, innovation marketing manager at International Paper.

“As e-commerce has boomed, the unboxing experience has become an expectation. OHMEGA® offers a unique interaction with brands and delivers customized, exclusive content. It can be tailored to meet exact requirements, which makes it a more attractive solution for specialized products.”

The OHMEGA® packaging solution allows brands to turn their package into a portal that offers customers exclusive content and loyalty programs, tailored to their target audiences, as well as having access to an online dashboard to track, measure, and monitor customer engagement – to adjust content on the fly based on what they are responding to, it says

To learn more about this new connected packaging solution a downloadable one-page summary is available, together with a video presentation that contains a brief demonstration.

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