AIPIA (the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association) and Packaging Europe have entered into a strategic partnership aiming to accelerate uptake of smart packaging innovation across FMCG at every stage of supply chains and retail.

Under the terms of the partnership, Packaging Europe will be responsible for organizing and running the annual AIPIA Congress – the flagship event for smart packaging – as well as working with AIPIA’s pool of experts, to bring news and commentary about the active and intelligent packaging landscape to a larger audience. Meanwhile, Eef de Ferrante, managing director of AIPIA, and his team will continue to grow and develop AIPIA’s activities as an association to support the sector.

The collaboration comes at a time when smart packaging solutions are more urgently needed than ever. From eliminating food waste, fighting counterfeiting and market diversion, driving supply chain efficiencies, brand protection and consumer engagement, to increasing recycling rates, there are countless spaces where active, connected and interactive packaging innovation can have a transformative impact. Together, AIPIA and Packaging Europe intend to support this transformation.

“For several years we’ve regarded AIPIA as a hugely important voice in the world of packaged goods,” remarked Tim Sykes, Packaging Europe’s brand director. “Having collaborated closely with Eef over several years, we’re thrilled to formalize this partnership. By uniting AIPIA’s expert knowledge of the smart packaging sector with Packaging Europe’s wide value chain audience and journalistic resources, we believe we can deepen understanding of the value-adding capabilities of technologies – and speed up their assimilation into the marketplace.”

“This is a great step forward for AIPIA,” explained the Association’s managing director, Eef de Ferrante. “Packaging Europe is a perfect fit for us. It is committed to the development of the latest technologies and innovations to drive the packaging sector forward and has a finger on the pulse of the industry. Its reputation and knowledge, as well as expertise in areas such as sustainable packaging, plus its extensive network, bring strength and diversity to our business. The resources we now have access to will help make our Congress and other events stronger and enable us to take AIPIA to the next level.”

Packaging Europe will host the next AIPIA Congress in November 2022 in Amsterdam and will be rolling out soon a year-round smart packaging channel, featuring news, commentary, and multi-media content covering the cutting edge of active materials and coatings, NFC/RFID, printed electronics, smart codes and augmented reality.

In addition, AIPIA welcomes Tim Sykes as a member of its Advisory Board, enabling Packaging Europe to play a full and active part in the development of the Association.

Here’s to Accelerating Active & Intelligent Packaging together!